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Only the Gu month looking at quickly air jordan canadacloses by tornado, the left hand starts quickly kneading Jue and totally kneaded more than 300 hands after, stir up in great quantities black spirit on him, these black spirits formed the wolf of a head of utter darkness color in front of him.Along with only once the left hand in month of Gu flick, the black wolf roars a , toward tornado hurtle in the past, on the way the black wolf body was vain medium penny is two, two was divided into four, four was divided into 8 ……the very quickly black wolf became closely, far and far see go to also very the threatening force Hao concussed.However when these black wolves haven’t waited to approach tornado, drive tornado send forth the absorbing of pulls of the dint gobble up but up, at sad cry in inhale tornado, thoroughly wring ground.Seeing tornado is more and more near, only the flash across in the Gu month eyes is one silk flounder, however is very quickly then dark to sigh 1, say”have never thought unexpectedly to want to use that to recruit here, see appearance, I still differ very far, sincerely Chen.”While speaking the last name, showed unintentionally a burst of sorrow on his face, however is also one Shan but die.Only the Gu month stares at that to continuously approach of tornado, the gusset in his left hand arm is suddenly it happened that ground to split, peeped out arm up engrave of a tattoo.This tattoo is a to hugely print to record, profoundly engrave at his arm up, only is to bare, let this world for it change countenance, let that tornado that comes tiny more, it is to fear generally to seem to be to this tattoo very, however also only BE, then continue to quickly approach.The tattoo that looking at arm, only the sorrow in the Gu month eyes again appears and slowly lifts along with the his left hand, that tattoo edge appeared slight combustion.Immediately one is strong to can not use the vehemence that the speech describes suddenly to send forth in his left hand arm, this strength was full of violent in action, an only I only the vehemence of is also the breathing that can let this world blue skies all want Zhan Li to send forth from it, connected that tornado that roars and shouts since then to more and again stop down.Not only is this tornado, that is from the sky and decline of rain water, that at present number it not exert of tornado also all grind to a stop, seem this a moment time all for it stop generally.The in a flash that takes tornado deadlock, only the ray of light in the Gu month eyes is one Shan, immediately will lift of left let go of behind, but body moment the flank from tornado once rounded.Along with only the left hand in month of Gu re- let go of, that combustion that prints to record also immediately disappears, however originally clear edge appear some hollow, obviously just of the combustion result in.But had no the earthquake Zhe of this strength, that tornado immediately toward only the Gu month make track for to go, unfortunately at the moment only the Gu month have already left inside the scope of this tornado and more and with one action rush out the place that this tornado fills the air.These tests are originally apes to work properly acceptance, but was a Gu month to only replace him and let more only the Gu month suppress to bend in some hearts at the moment.Once wore that district, the rain water stopped, the sky gradually and again resumed clear, and only the Gu month one face is exhausted, his soul body has been translucent as well.After flying about ten thousand insides, at his in the moment appeared an islet, though is only have rock of waste island, however for at the moment of he to say to is the rest place that can not get more.Fell this top in the island, directly work properly ape to jilt to open, oneself one bottom sat at ground up, also regardless of other,

lie on the ground up shut last eyes.Time slowly passes, nike air jordan day and night alternative, after passing by seven days, the ape works properly of eyes slowly Zheng open.The statue of Buddha immediately disappears, his real strenght also under the self-discipline that he almost shut to die to close, there is substantial progress, at present already bad one step can attain a ghost emperor highest point.But when he sees pure at present one backstage, tiny tiny one Leng, proper he isn’t clear so, from flank spread voice of Gu month only.”Is awake?”The ape works properly to hear noise to hope to go, the eye pupil is tiny to shrink, his moment discovered only the infirmity in month of Gu, hurriedly arrived at him and asked a way” what’s the matter with you?How to become so weak?Where is the still having here ?”Only Gu month at these seven in, not only didn’t turn for the better, the circumstance is on the contrary more and more what a mess, the present real strenght has already dropped into a ghost emperor middle, at so under to can not use how long, his soul body the meeting thoroughly defeat and dispersed.Only facial expression of Gu month pale, looking at ape to work properly, answer way”here is a 32 F, is what I give° you to take to come over, conveniently help you the test for spending this, now of I can help you so many.”The ape works properly tiny knit the brows, ask a way” why do you help me?”Only Gu month once the Hey Hey smile, say” of course not is free, this is just I for doing a some price that trades but pays in advance with you just.”The ape works properly to looking at only Gu month, a long time just asks a way” what trade?”Only the Gu month lightly says” this is a very easy affair to you, that be ……cure for me.”?, Chapter 215 ten thousand ghosts love a soul to print(up) ape to work properly to looking at only the Gu month bare outlying better arm and contemplate medium suddenly caught sight of the sign of left arm of text.Be this eye to let the ape work properly to move to open view from it, even face up peep out a shocked color.At just when his vision saw that sign text he unexpectedly livinged the soul body defeated and dispersed, even direct from blured out existent illusion in this world, although this illusion only is for an instant, still let the ape inspiration arrive scared.Only the Gu month sees the ape work properly to stare at own left arm and lower the head to see that huge to print to record, the air again appeared a grief.The ape worked properly good short while to just take back vision, deeply absorbed tone and asked a way”this prints to record BE?”Only the Gu month didn’t also conceal and said” is a generation ghost saint to leave of thing, be regarded as one to protect a life sign.”The ape works properly to start to remember just that the illusion for an instant was only seeing the grimace of the Gu month better arm, doubt way” since it is so why can that next generation ghost can also harm you?” Only Gu the month seem to be not to think the way that is excessive to entwine, then transfer a topic on this problem” let’s still discuss our bargains.I saved your life and still made my condition of the injury be getting more serious for this, didn’t know that the human feelings is enough not enough to let you to my treatment?”The ape isn’t understand why only the Gu month affirm so oneself to cure for him, according to reason only the real strenght in month of Gu is tooer many than oneself strong, and still own generation ghost saint to stay to his protect a life sign and own these of he why he not treatment,

this lets the ape work properly 100 to think not get its solution. nike air jordan spizike The appearance looking at ape and worked properly and contemplated, only the Gu month seemed to see through his idea general, explanation way”my real strenght although two ghosts being stronger than you, but at the beginning chopping in two my better arm is also tooer many than me strong, while what he left’s forbiding to make don’t stop and gobble up my soul body as well and become an abnormality strong, can not dispel at all by my present real strenght in addition to, so only please.”The ape works properly to looking at only Gu month, he has never seen any to shuffle out from the other party eyes of color, but still keep shaking head to say” connects you can not crack by yourself of forbid to make, I have again what ability help you?If”only the Gu month immediately says” you are just common ghost emperor, naturally my hair helps me, but if the words of Buddha light probably.Is “the ape works properly to hear a Buddha only two words, immediately thoughted of the regiment golden light that blends mutually of oneself and ghost dollar and asked a way” what you said this?”Say the right hand raises and appeared one in his center of palm the regiment gold color light regiment.Only Gu saying of month some excitements”right, be so, forbiding of my arm’s making is to make use of limitless ferocious mien to constitute, but Buddha only the jinx of ferocious mien, with your ghost emperor’s real strenght, can not use much for a long time, should be able to purify these ferocious miens.”The ape works properly to listen to only the explanation in month of Gu and hesitate for a while, then hand in light the regiment approached his better arm, who know a Buddha light haven’t approached how much, the grimace of that better arm then sent out to sad and shrillly bellow a voice and seemed to be only to to the Buddha fear very greatly.However when the ape works properly just wanted continue close to, suddenly detection only the Gu month noodles exposed painful, whole body top and bottom all with black kept annoying flow out into among the better arm, all of these were that these in the last yearses spread all over at only the ferocious mien in the Gu month body, pass by so several years, these ferocious mien has have greater half and only the soul body of Gu month blend, is also say if abruptly of will only the ferocious mien on the Gu month body all decontamination drop, so at last and very probably only the soul body of Gu month will also follow to defeat and dispersed.The ape worked properly to take back Buddha light and looking at only Gu month, wrinkly knit the brows.Only the Gu month firmly says”need not have scruples about too many, I have to print the protection for recording, not mortal, you the tube take matter in hand.If”the ape works properly to glimpse only the left hand in month of Gu and says” the really such affair O.K. does some.”Only the Gu month eye pupil is tiny to shrink, lowly the head no longer talk, and ape work properly to also have no to say more and continue to lower the head to contemplate, seem is looking for two whole methods.Definite such as the ape work properly say, at present of only the Gu month is already a cripple light, basically can not stand the storm that a D orders, and the generation ghost saint stays of print to record, although the ape works properly just see one eye, from just beginning of the felling judged that is exclusively used to attackstone, face the strong enemy still went, but for only condition of the injury of Gu month to say root could not have any protection function.Lower the head, often looking at the better arm in month of Gu only, think to want to go to all can not figure out a good method.The time in a flash woulds be for seven days,

in these seven days the ape works properly once twice try in air jordan spizike the past purified that ferocious mien, for the second time is also such as only Gu month say, strong line of of purify some, but also for this paid huge price, only real strenght of Gu month directly dropped into a ghost emperor initial stage, with this kind of form, the ape worked properly believe before this ferocious mien purified, only the soul in month of Gu realized defeat and dispersed first open.After knowing this, the ape works properly and then no longer try, and only the Gu month also no longer say more what, just quietly sit over there, looking at the sky, not understanding in think.Time passed by for two days again, at the time in the tenth day, the ape works properly to looking at the light regiment in the hand, is contemplating, suddenly on clapping thigh, stand.Over these ten days only the condition of the injury in month of Gu is more and more heavy, real strenght also with the speed canning see without the aid of instruments drops into, at present he of as if just broke a ghost emperor general, fix for undulate very unsteady, if at past 23 day, presumably should drop into ghost state king.He took back vision, earned bone to see work properly to the ape and asked a way at the moment”whether thought of what way?”The ape works properly to looking at already weak arrive extreme achievement of only Gu month, nod a way” we had been walking to go into a mistake area, is that I cure for you curing, but you by yourself then passively drive I.But if we change an angle to want, we come to a words that inside should outside match again how?”Only the Gu month Leng for a while, see with half an eye to come over, some unimaginable ways” your meaning wants my self-discipline Buddha light?”The ape isn’t understand only Gu month why so surprised, ask a way” has what not satisfactory?”Only the Gu month hears the ape works properly of ask words, wry smile way” isn’t not satisfactory, but basically can’t someone do so.After all this self-discipline method belongs to privately owned and impossibly and easily teaches others.Do you make sure that you want to teach me?”The ape works properly the mouth of Pie Pie and says” Kui you still lived so for several years of old strange, also so dogmatic, I said and teach you, can’t fail to keep promise.Like, do you only tell me that you want to learn?”Only the Gu month deeply absorbed tone and felt even if is at this moment, his fix in order to also quickly run off, grind teeth to nod a way” I learn.”Ape’s working properly is very good, stretch out index finger, a little golden light appears between each and directly order at only between the eyebrows of Gu month.Only Gu month slowly shut last eyes, between the eyebrows golden light one Shan but lead, a long time suddenly opens eyes later on, the left hand kneads a method Jue, mumbling in, is exactly super to living to curse.Only differ from ape work properly, be him just read cantillate super livinged curse, the grimace of better arm immediately sent out sader and shrill Si roar, and only Gu month is also stuffy hum a , the facial expression in a flash became very white, soul body also become more misty, the state dropped into the ghost king’s territory more.The ape works properly an eye in naked one Shan, immediately the right hand lifts, the double points into sword, at only the Gu month body up connect a point bottom, was immediately worked properly by the ape to once order of there is spangle in place, and not stop to flow out into the ferocious mien of grimace be also impeded.The ape works properly a left hand to arrive later on at only the Gu month carry on the back up, ghost dollar inside the body without any reservation of the importation go in, for only the Gu month add a consuming of ghost dollar.Time is 1.1 drops of in the past, only wear two kinds of ray of lights now on Shan of the body in month of Gu, a kind of is a gold color Buddha light, another then gray ray of light.

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