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inkling touched to run into black air jordan canadahole.A great deal of energy hurtles into black hole, while that black hole also is abruptly extended, soon insists not to live to bomb however fall in pieces.Although hurtled into many light regiments energy through that black hole,can not let this only the regiment reduce one silk ten cents and even still and just and continuously extend, and the speed is more and more quick, contain of energy also more and more big, soon was full of this world.The space has already canned not be bearing this trampling upon of huge energy, is also the wall that peeps out ghost jail after that nihilist on all sides.When this light regiment touches the wall of running into the ghost jail, the whole ghost jail tiny tiny one earthquake, the tremor of such huge monster, more let the whole night boundary shiver, be apart from here recent night absolute being the city felt more to violently tremble and let a lot of houses collapse in this vibration to fall down.Those two olds have been hesitating the direction of ghost jail, because of this tremor that discovered ghost jail, in succession road shockingly of color, the grey hair the old is more surprised and shout a way”that boy at in exactly Be doing what?How may let the whole ghost jail all appear thus big action?”The black tunic the old is shockingly also noodles to expose, retreat an one step, say” I remember the next generation ghost of those early years all have no to result in thus huge threatening force, is he how to attain?”At two old shocked medium, be apart from ghost jail at the moment thousand meter the sky in the distance, just and quietly suspend one big cluster of ghost king, they are also noodles to all all expose shockingly, even in every aspect and mutually Qu some frighten into inaction, more have Hua however of the voice spread.”Mr. En exactly at dry what?The whole ghost jail how all tremor for a while?”"I remember that the next generation ghost in those early years hurtles into 33 Fs to all have no to make so big action, ?”"This is impossible, Mr. En at the beginning extrication when I wait real strenght still just the ghost king’s territory, how may in so short time in become a ghost, even exceeded the next generation ghost, this is impossible!”"Have what impossible, don’t forget while at the beginning saving us Mr. En has already come to a to start breaking, and can extrication we, this be good enough to explain Mr. En of extraordinary, can make such threatening force is not rare either.”All of these ghost kings are apes to at the beginning work properly unintentionally extrication, although have very greatly a parts to all leave,still have many ghost kings to stay around here, want to see to is one side boon Mr. of oneself’s extrication.At these ghost king continuously discussion voice in, ghost jail again tremor for a while, the tremor this time than just still had to be violent, but linked ghost jail’s topmost square’s iron chain not to stop to send out Hua Hua of voice, the heavy black spirit continuously stirs up and even has a great deal of black lightning flash coming out from it.These lightning flashes immediately follow iron chain after appearing the jail’s topmost square is since then also that the dark cloud is billowing toward the ghost, in that end, the lightning flash roars, along with that a way lightning flicker, let the ghost of distance Wang Chu Mu is shocking, more let night boundary all psyches contain the impulse to grow to want to kowtow down.This difference elephant existed half for hour, the period ghost jail tremor totally four times, is it may be said astounding for the third time, even have together huge lightning flash bombing however falling in, bellow along with one, a turn of ripples spreads, those ghost kings even no longer have to stop over, quickly retreat, this ripples that gobbles up since then hasn’t arrived and has already given the felling that they can not match.And those two olds are also at see the moment complexion of this ripples greatly change, immediately knead one at the same time different discover, big hand a flick immediately the 1 F only shine on city to rise on all sides from the night absolute being and live the night absolute being city cover, while their 2 people also immediately returned to inside that biggest building after finishing doing all these.

Rise in the light act, several ghost in anike air jordan flash of king roar and shout but leads, that that ripples heavily bombards at light act in.Originally can bear a ghost emperor one shot with all strength of only act, at the moment but seem to be some flimsinesses, at ray of light violent flicker in, unexpectedly appeared a way fracture, but the emergence of this fracture, let more still just avenue up the psyche joining a crowd for fun frightened to disgrace and immediately screamed to return to own dwelling place, front door one pass, hide at the house inside don’t stop orison.O.K. that ripples isn’t that aim at this city since then, therefore just just a little stopped over a short moment and then sweep but lead.However even if such, that fracture on the light act still has some to touch eyes shocking.But the fourth-time tremor then is obviously weak a lot of, don’t let the lightning flash fall in again.Result in this time of shocking fully kept on several days, even those two olds also not dare is coming out, but place inside that tallest building, just be shown the appearance shooting to observe ghost jail through a wall.Although have already passed by several weathers,can still keep seeing the facial expression that they haven’t yet recovered from a fright, obviously the action this time makes their 2 people frighten not and lightly.Inside the ghost jail at this time, 30 F already thoroughly hour, turn to make one unreal, peep out like the huge passage of 12 F that sort.Engraving on wall of these passages is full various sign text of each kind, only at the moment these sign texts’ having 1/3 have already thoroughly disappeared, that save to stay of also mostly receive various hurt, lose color and luster.At this passage deep place, there was a placed to fill the air very thick fog spirit, can according to sparse see fog of there are two dark shadows in the spirit annoy gradual dissipation in these fog faintly discernable in, inside the dark shadow is gradually clear, exactly deicide sword and the night sword in the sky.Only at the moment these two spread all over various fractures to the sword body of sword, send forth of working also dimed a lot.Square off a long time, suddenly the night sword body in the sky uploads a Mao Mao voice, a crack that see together in the night sword sword in the sky body middle slowly extends and links with other fractures mutually, finally along with clear and crisp ground crack, the night sword in the sky breaks from it.The deicide sword sees this slip away to turn for a while and send forth after a sword blare, along with the space warp of surroundings, gradually integrate into among the unreal disappear disappear.?, Chapter 214 trades(bottom) in the ghost Yu 32 F, is an one here**, the sky is blue, over there the endless horizon, sea water and the sky are mutually blend together, share everything they have.The sky contains a sun and sends forth a ray of light of steaming hot and lets the world space all have some distortion.At look endless of in the ocean, suspend various group of islandses, these group of islandses have of have no source of vitality, have of then drive green overlay, source of vitality full of life.The sky appeared a black hole without basis at this time, along with the spangle, a huge statue of Buddha flies from it, not the etc. statue of Buddha falls in and then has a to discredit simply immediately nearby once flying from the statue of Buddha to conveniently take statue of Buddha to run fast all the way and see its appearance’s seeming be generally fleeing for life.

Fly the next second of in this dark shadow, that air jordan women lack hole suddenly extension, one is astounding huge to loudly think of, the immediately after a strong light projects and goes straight to that dark shadow but goes.This strong light contains to ruin a sky to put out strength of sort, lead of place the sea surface is vacillating, more have a great deal of sea water evaporation, that star Luo spreads all over of group of islands also in a very short moment the ash fly smoke to put out, the originally clear sky appeared a great deal of black fracture more and just and outwardly spread.No longer than several interest time, this is original if the place of utopia sort is ruined to once, as if the judgment day come generally and sweep in that strong light under thoroughly annihilate.Only the Gu month hereafter tooks a look, the wry smile is a , these 32 F test of isn’t a war capability, therefore don’t strongly exist, here he also can make an effort to escape, make strong light not catch up.At the same time heart in bitter and astringent, if his real strenght is still just peak, so the strong light of this degree waves hand then can let its dissipation, but his real strenght almost weakened knife at these several ten thousand yearses extreme achievement, at present although what display come out is the territory of ghost, but and really the ghost compare with to still have a very big margin, otherwise in those early years also can’t drive the next generation ghost cut one arm, and the wound is so long all didn’t can heal.O.K. the ape works properly to change magically at the moment of the statue of Buddha project of the Buddha only let his condition of the injury just and quickly turn for the better, otherwise he is really difficult to show consideration for the safety that the ape works properly.See one eye after death more and more near strong light, only the Gu month bit to grind teeth, the body is again transparent some, sending forth the vehemence of has already canned not keep in the territory of ghost, but drop into a ghost emperor state.However his speed become faster.Under the speed of his extreme achievement, under the sea water bellows medium blunt sky of but rise, the wave flower in white hasn’t fallen in, then is since then closed on the heels of of contain inside the strong light of energy moment gasification, make only Gu the place fog spirit led by month rise Teng.May be to there are too many fog spirits getting off the ground, a regiment dark cloud starts coagulating in the sky, quickly fills the air the whole sky and in a twinkling made the whole earth dusk down.Under the originally quiet sea surface also started appearing white wave, the wave keeps tapping to tap sea surface and send out froufrou ring.At this time, the sky suddenly once a flash of lightning row but lead and in a twinkling catch cold this world, several interests then have already bellowed to spread after.Imitating the Buddha is that the horn is general, the bean heavy rain bead starts downfall, very quickly whole world become ash to receive one, want to link world to be general, rain certainly becomes more and more heavy, under of the sea water sent out a voice rant more, surge blunt sky but rise, imitate Buddha to just issue order for leave to the guest who comes uninvited that hurtles into this world generally.The sky lightning flash bellows, the sea surface billow roars, can the voices of all these all soon drive strong light send out of bellow to drown.The lightning flash falls in the strong light and can not arise the least bit ripple, billow Tao sky but rise, but the moment be vaporized into fog, seem to be in this strong light in front, in the whole world of the dint of the nature can not move its very small amount.But along with the horary passage, heavy rain more rain more big, at last is also a hazy one basically could not see front, that rain water shot beats offshore voice to resound through world more.Tap in this rain water under,

originally already weakly and only the Gu month is also thatair jordan after game b the body is tiny under sink, lift up head mumbling say”want to come.”The words sound just fell, rain power unexpectedly increased again several cent, the sky of the dark cloud have already covered up a sky, wave also such as a Hong Huang fierce beasts, gobble up one contained a group of islands.No matter the group of islands size all finally will be without intermission several in the wave to greatly descend to turn to make crushed stones and sink into bottom of sea.At only the Gu month front, don’t know when appeared one heavy slice of tornado, scanned widely to hope to go, limitless and boundless, although across so far,can still keep hearing the voice that that information roars and shouts, the sea water was even arrived air by book, made under rain of Be getting larger.Only the Gu month looking at that slice of from tornado formation of district, hesitated for a while, but very quick this hesitant drive after death of strong light send out of bellow voice to blunt spread, let him grind teeth blunt go in.Have already got into this district, only the Gu month immediately felt spread from each tornado of hugely tore to pull of dint, inception this strength isn’t just very strong, but along with go deep into, the diameter of tornado is more and more big, tore to pull of the strength is also more and more strong.The energy that that strong light contains at present already remain only a few, after all this just that those two magical powers of absolute being swords collide output remaining prestige, oneself contain of energy in the beginning although is strong, but here all the way make track for to shoot gradual dissipation also, arrive at present this energy have already weakened extreme achievement, is hurtling into tornado district, hurtle after spreading several ten tornado, finally bellow in one in, thoroughly dissipation.Only Gu month originally be apart from strong light combine not too far, that bellowing of dissipation listens to clearly naturally, but at the moment of he but the slightest happy don’t get up, those are immediately bombed loose tornado by the strong light born afresh, and had intention to know a sort to impede only Gu month of go to road, wait a minute slowly toward only the Gu month tighten and make him have to continue to go forward.But very quick he stops at at first, lookinging at of Zheng Zheng front that of the territory foot contained huge tornado that 100 meters grew, at that tornado surroundings was nonexistent other tornado, this tornado but impeded a feet department of Gu month only.Only the Gu month tooks a look to grasp in hand, if the ape that shut a dead pass sort works properly, the wry smile on the face is thicker, if not and for working properly to carry on one to trade with ape, he can’t takes him, either thus for dear life.His real strenght has already only had ghost emperor state at present, but in front of although tornado not is say to can not cross, but need to pay a certain price.Again saw an eye ape work properly, only the Gu month grinds teeth a way”boy, this time I try very hard to so of protect you thoughtful, etc. from here after going out, if you the request that don’t promise me, Lao Tze even if put together to scare to death to also want to kill you.”Finish saying a wisp of black spirit comes out from his body and tie up to round as the rope at the ape work properly a waist and carry on the back he is on the back and exceeded toward that tornado one step.The headway of this one step imitates the bottom line that the Buddha broke that tornado, let just still just at first rotary tornado tiny tiny one earthquake, immediately after sent out to deafeningly bellow a voice, quick of toward only the Gu month scroll but go, had more to hugely absorb to pull of the dint spread from it, let only the body of Gu month is tiny tiny a tilt to one side, but immediately drive he stand come over.

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