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The earth that that nudityair jordan canada comes out wasn’t also doing stop to appear a great deal of fracture in the vibration at the moment, a red magma from in jet, immediately evaporate the sea water of the surroundings, white fog rise Teng and immediately covered with this, just beginning can also according to sparse see some figures, however soon even seeing figures is lack definition.The ape works properly at the moment whole body utter darkness, don’t stop to read to cantillate in super living to curse, though occasionally have golden light deeply project, but meeting immediately drive black simply destroying even the statue of Buddha of back is also such, face’s hit in this black light of the original dignity is underneath ferocious, the half shuts of eyes also completely open, the aureate eye pupil becomes red and red and sends forth to love blood ray of light, the lips become thicker solid, to both sides spilt open, two Liao teeth stretch out from, solemnly a devil shape.Even was the gold color ? word that the ape works properly between the eyebrows to also start having variety, the tiny distortion could see that is a bad word unclearly.Not only is an ape to work properly, only Gu month also is so that, although also as the ape working properly read to cantillate super living curse, back appear of the statue of Buddha also became a devil and gleamed to love the ray of light of blood in the eye, toward the ape work properly after death of the statue glare at.Grimace at the moment face up engrave full fear, this fears directly come from Yue Xin this, although loved soul to print to absorb a lot of energies through ten thousand ghosts, also but is let his real strenght increase too many, but he also discovered at so under to ten thousand ghosts love a soul to print sooner or later will drive ground crack, if only is so he is still unlikely scare.Most make him feeling terrible of is fasten in ten thousand ghosts to love a soul to print the above dollar absolute being, in those early years for doing not give only Gu the opportunity of month one silk ten cents, he directly loved own this life dollar absolute being and ten thousand ghosts the soul printed close connect with each other, therefore once ten thousand ghosts loved a soul to print ground crack, so his dollar the absolute being would be subjected to serious wound, for still psyche of he to say a dollar absolute being serious wound to is fatal, this was exactly also the source that the Yue Xin fears.On the way he is to have never wanted and obstructed, even wanted to let ten thousand ghosts love a soul to print to stop absorption, but frightened of discover that energy and be free from oneself to control, violent in action abnormality of hurtle into his/her own body, good at hard make him gobble up generally.Originally think his real strenght at the moment comes to a ghost saint and has been already asked myself and sincerely Chen’s margin differ only a few, but he just understands and comes over he still and despises too much sincerely Chen at present, feel that don’t stop and drill into pound in the body Bo of strength, but he is the slightest happy the Si that don’t get up, pass that grimace roars a way”only Gu month, stop bottom, quickly stop bottom, I understand, I pass you, I don’t make you do my and divide time, and I can’t returned to night boundary, either.Beg you, come to a stop, I begged you.”End with he open night boundary 2 people’s identity unexpectedly sent out to take to cry the voice of chamber, but the ape at the moment work properly and only Gu month but have no time to realize him, now this kind of condition some escaped from controling of owner, the energy of that pound Bo keeps drilling into a body and makes them absorb.Led for a month again,

the ape worked properly and only Gu month, nike air jordan after death of the statue thoroughly became devil, billowing black smoke blunt sky but rise, overalied a greater half the sky, whole body the murderous look fill the air, and before send forth a Hao however the statue of Buddha of sense of right clearly contrary.But at this time, small voice ground crack thinks of, love a soul to print in ten thousand ghosts in the middle, appeared a crack, but this crack just and quickly spread and soon spread all over the whole grimace surface, not arrive ten interest time, one in Yue Xin is surprised sky of to bellow a voice in, bomb however ground crack.?, Chapter 216 ghost way(bottom) at one star river in, exist a star area, have a star among them very well-known in the interstellar, be named to enjoy a star very much, be placed in the vital point of interstellar flight path here, every trade is extremely flourishing.Is to regard various food and the entertainment industry as principle on the certainly clear noodles, secretly gamble and various service is also not at minority.The emperor Hao wine shop is also what black and white eats, enjoy star one of the tycoons very much, an underneath in the emperor Hao in seven star class honored guest building in the luxurious wine shops, an a bit handsome deeply wear a bewitching different man, is crossing legs to sit on the bed, but huge circular the big bed bed sheet is in great disorder, in the lying of man after death lazy ocean ocean a young girl.Obviously these two men and women totally left for sorcery cloud lately and more and deeply wore a powder on the young girl body delicate, the look in the eyes dim moonlight was having some to be addicted to of looking at that man.It is this man to only make the young girl a bit interrogative from just started always this shape, return the body often shivered and seemed to be some pain and sufferings.Young girl though the whole body is limp,still keep struggling to start to climb at the moment, the hands,such as water snake, tie up to round in the man’s Bo neck, the Wei shore more and tightly arrives before the chest at carry on the back after the man, that strong and tough cherry rubs the man’s skin, let girlish facial expression again the Fei is red.The young girl approaches man’s ear and let out like the sweet girlish voice way of orchid”dear of, how?BE be not where uncomfortable?Wanting don’t I make the attendant go fetch a bottle of medicine?”But at this time, the man’s body suddenly and violently shivers and has no the jet blood of omen fog from his body more, the skin is also that the big area is cracked, peeps out the flesh and blood of inside, the blood more doesn’t stop to flow to drip, moment drenching young girl whole body top and bottom, also left to touch eyes to shockingly print to record on the pure bed sheet.That woman hasn’t returned to body, the look in the eyes inside still saves to stay that to arrive a highest point faintly, but withering away of body big side, became gammer with creases all over the face from a young age young girl a while, immediately after the look in the eyes is empty, all of the source of vitality lose.That man suddenly opens eyes, eye pupil constringency, spew out a blood pillar, send out a tore heart crack lung of bellow, the body is also as rapid as a young girl to wither away, even have black smoke to come out from his seven Qiaos, in a twinkling filled the air the whole room.Immediately after from the black smoke inside spread a growl that was full of to hate”only Gu month, your etc. wears,

I the Yue Xin is certainly cut to pieces you,air jordan 11always a life time not get super living!”The voice bombs and gets about the whole wine shop, all windows of wine shop are also ground in succession to split.Because one bellows, the medium segment of mansion has huge explosion, the hole of a diameter ten meters appears, the billowing black smoke floats to fly from it and goes straight to star sky.When enjoy very much star of enforce the law approach, see of Be just that huge hole.In the ghost jail of night boundary, the ape works properly and only month of Gu of face a huge crisis face to face at the moment, this crisis comes from sincerely what Chen stayed to print to record.That print to record medium contain of energy be more than their 2 people’s imagination, originally think that the energy that the explosions of surplus come out should be not a lot of, but at the moment they just understand their they Be getting wronger, along with print to record of combustion, the energy releasing is more and more huge.Just burned probably now 2/3, but far and far outran just beginning of release of the energy amounts, with as for let the ape work properly all have no time blend it.The black smoke is billowing, have already overalied the whole 32 F, connect those count it not exert of tornado also cover with under the quick dissipation in this black smoke.But the ape work properly and only Gu month after death of the statue more and thoroughly became a devil, the evil spirit is very bad, the noodles exposes fierce light, black of as if the substantial ferocious mien of sort curl up at on all sides, covered with ape more to work properly with only figure of Gu month.Only the real strenght in month of Gu already come to an a ghost behind expect to be peak, again step an one step to would be a ghost highest point, however the energy of this increment is really overbearing, the continuously impact wears his will and seems and replaces him generally.He is difficult of open eyes, the double eye spread all over a thrombus and looking at ape to worked properly, hoarse openings way”if this continues we all want to doom.”The ape works properly soul dint of body the motion is also the most unsteady, but bite, say” don’t ……talk, with concentration ……read to curse.”These two words seemed to use up ape to work properly all energies, he cannot said any further, was continuously and mumbling super to living to curse in mouth.Only the Gu month re- shuts up eyes and opens and also starts reading to cantillate, only that golden light that occasionally gleam but is a such flimsiness, basically could not have the slightest of function.A little of time past, soon is three days, cover with ape to work properly within these three days and only the ferocious mien of the month of Gu black fog overalied a square circle three inside, is black in this scope inland sea water, the sky is also black, even under of the rain water is also black.The ape works properly and feels his/her own consciousness already of gradual faintness, Buddha light of body the Shan frequency now is also more and more low, the bad word of between the eyebrows prints and records also more and more clear, reveal that strongly kills breathing.But only the printing of the Gu month arm record already burnablely remains not much, be not much this energy that print to record to contain to unexpectedly exceed the total amount that released formely, imitate the Buddha is doing the impact of end, more and fiercely flow out into ape to work properly and only inside the body in month of Gu.The lightning flash bellows in the sky, the very thick dark cloud is worked properly with ape and only the center of the Gu month place slowly turn and imitate a Buddha to have to what things want from it and condescend to come generally,

those two devil statues also slowly raise head nike air jordan 12 and love the look in the eyes of blood inside deeply of is fanaticism.Just beginning whole body the heart threw in to read the ape of cantillating the voodoo to work properly and only the Gu month didn’t discover firmamental of different elephant, but changed along with time, they felt to spread to difficult to expressly absorb to pull in the sky of dint, even had the voice in the as in unclearly in the brain is calling.The ape works properly and only Gu month without previous arrangement of the double eye open whole, the ape works properly of still have some to be fond of Mang in the eye, don’t know to take place what affair, but only the Gu month obviously know, was full of in the eye frightened, suddenly raise head, after seeing the whirlpool that that slowly become, is also a whole body a shake.”Ghost …… way” his difficulties spoke these two words, but even if such, the ape works properly still and doesn’t understand what a ghost way.When proper ape worked properly to want to open mouth to inquire, only the Gu month suddenly looking at ape to work properly and has some to anxiously say”we ……hurry ……read to cantillate voodoo, otherwise ……meeting ……too late of.”Looking at only a Gu month to anxiously press a body, although isn’t clear so, however the ape works properly to still feel that the affair just develops toward the direction of mess, also ignore other, immediately shut last eyes, start reading to cantillate voodoo.Only the Gu month is also such, again be afraid of of saw one eye the sky, become the beginning of whole body heart read to cantillate voodoo, language soon and unexpectedly speed many, make the frequency that the golden light inside the body appears increase a lot.The whirlpool speed in the sky is more and more quick, the ape works properly that as in in the brain in of call also stronger, the bad word of between the eyebrows prints to record already basic model, as long as this bad word thoroughly model, so the ape works properly to thoroughly become a ghost way, from now on never super living.Only the Gu month heart in anxious, but at the end of one’s tether, read to curse of speed not from get slow come down, but the voodoo that he reads to cantillate at the moment by coincidence works properly similarly with ape.When they 2 read to cantillate the same voodoo, chop about occurrence.Sees a disappeared muttering voice have already suddenly rung out, the golden light on their body also suddenly from the body**, the whirlpool revolves in the sky of the speed is tiny, the ape works properly the bad word of between the eyebrows to also imitate Buddha time to turn in reverse a sort, before becoming the shape of a moment.This variety lets the ape work properly and only Gu month immediately clear Wu, open eyes, ordered to nod toward the other party, from the first 1 reads to cantillate voodoo.Indeed as expected such as they anticipate, 2 people read the effect of cantillating the voodoo to want to read to cantillate to want several big times than a person, the immediately circumferential muttering voice again rings out, than just appeared of still want, from the ape worked properly to send forth the golden light of with only inside the Gu month body also more strong.The ape works properly and only the Gu month spirit is one earthquake, read to cantillate of the speed is also more and more quick, only the on the way several times appeared mistake, let they can be from the first to read to cantillate.Until after three days, they just attained speed consistent degree, and the muttering voice of surroundings also start acting for firmamental roll of thunder, the dark cloud becomes of speed already become abnormality slow-moving, seeming to be very quickly will stop generally.

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