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Whenever now, two air jordan canada kinds of ray of light Shans evidence will let only the soul body in month of Gu appear to defeat and dispersed, more let his state quickly drop into, however even if such, only Gu month have already ground teeth persistence.The ape works properly to open eyes, the ghost dollar in his body consume of 7788, the affair makes progress of not equal to his imagination in of smooth, only the ferocious mien density in the Gu month body outran his imagination, and although these ferocious miens will be purified by the Buddha light, as if attach the Ju of bone, disappear of will also do the flounder of end at the same time, give only the Gu month brought very big injury.If at so under go, the final outcome still can’t change and first die of still only Gu month.The ape worked properly to stop inputing own ghost dollar, he at present only the real strenght of the ghost emperor, the ghost dollar root for owning is entirely inadequate, could not have a too big function, unless is the real strenght that owns a ghost, and would not° until more than that next generation ghost also go, the obviously current ape works properly not to own real strenght like this.Only the Gu month also stopped reading to cantillate super living to curse, open eyes, looking at ape to work properly, sigh a way”see come to this is my life, just, even if is a soul body to defeat and dispersed again how, greatly not re- bring to life, from the first and all right.”Ape’s working properly don’t realize him, but continue to pace to and fro, various viewpoint is from the brain 11 flash acrosses.”Be in need of most now of is soul dint very, as long as have the words of enough soul dint ……”"etc., soul dint?If”eyes that the ape works properly immediately target at only the printing of the Gu month left arm record, mumbling way” all of the energy that can contain there convert into soul dint perhaps can go.”More is to think so, the ape workses properly and then more feel probably, immediately arrive at only a Gu month to squat down before the body bottom, a hold tight his left arm, shut last eyes.Only Gu the month be worked properly abrupt action by the ape make one Leng, just wanted to flounce, but looking at ape work properly seem at contemplate of shape, also take office is grasped own left arm by him.Time is 1.1 drops of in the past, about passed by three hours, the ape worked properly of eyes re- open and looking at that look in the eyes that prints to record more and more bright, raise head inching excitement of say”your condition of the injury might still have been already saved.”Only the Gu month looking at his/her owns arm, wry smile way” do you intend to make use of this strength that prints to record an inside?”The ape workses properly points to nod and says” right, if can convert all of the strengths here into soul dint, so cure your condition of the injury absolutely is a small vegetables is 1 disc.”Only the Gu month shakes and says” do you think that I have never tried so over several years?Is useless, this print recording the in the middle energy isn’t our this real strenght to make use of of get, that is already the comprehension scope that was super to take off us, unless come to a ghost saint state, otherwise you don’t even think.The “the ape works properly but disagrees a way” world creation has no by all means, I now that said that the energy that I can make use of my noodles cures for you with you, can definitely attain.If you very good-looking wear, if is smooth, your condition of the injury not only can recover from illness, this is perhaps still to hugely build to turn to us.”Only the Gu month didn’t say more, but his facial expression is one face not letter.The ape works properly to also have no excessive explanation, but one face excitement of a held tight only arm of Gu month, re- shut last eyes.?, Chapter 215 ten thousand ghosts love a soul to print(bottom) only Gu although the month doesn’t believe the ape works properly to attain,

but still keeps curiouslying looking at nike air jordanape to work properly, also want to know that the ape works properly to have what way can attain even he didn’t can make of affair.In fact not only is he, in those early years the next generation ghost also discover his arm up of printed record, also once once tried appropriate to oneself it, but this printed record but is the energy of inside seemed to be sealed to print until only the Gu month used by himself/herself, no man could use.At the beginning is exactly also had this to print to record, only Gu month would at the next generation ghost the under charge exist down, only the before leaving will he of the better arm chop in two, and deployed to forbid to make in the wound and let him all all the time want to experience the molestation of biting the soul.Slowly send forth light golden light on the body that the ape works properly, his between the eyebrows appeared a? word to print to record at the same time, here the in a flash that prints to record to appear, only the grimace of the Gu month better arm again roars, and the rant this time in unclearly deeply fear and seem to be to that ? word to print to record is the shape for being afraid of very much.The ape works properly the golden light on the body to soon spread whole body, a statue of Buddha falsely the shadow again appear under the control immediately after worked properly in the ape after death, the golden light follows only the arm in month of Gu to slowly and upwards spread, at the time of touching to run into that to print to record, the golden light is tiny.Immediately after the ape works properly to shout at top of voice”burn the strength that prints to record, quick!”Only the Gu month opened widely mouth, this strength that prints to record combustion have terror much he is knowing, that is to in a twinkling work properly he burns into the overbearing strength that flies ash with ape, the next generation ghost of those early years also wants to temporary avoid its long grass, but the ape work properly to unexpectedly say to make him burnable to print to record at present of strength.May be to feel only a month of Gu yea and nay, the ape works properly to again and greatly drink”do not think too many, I make you do you to do.”Only the Gu month looking at ape to work properly a firm facial expression and bites, dark way” is anyway or so to is also dead, rather put together a , perhaps this guy really has method to make use of this energy.”At that moment he didn’t the slightest hesitate any further, tiny shut eyes, immediately after the printing of arm records of the edge started combustion.Immediately print to record to send forth strength with incomparable violent in action from this, under this strength, the sky of the sun also want for it disgrace, although the originally clear sky there is no dark cloud, immediately dark come down, the sea surface is also a very rough sea, at distance only the Gu month still have the time of 100 meters immediately disappear, sea surface abnormality equanimity.The body that the ape works properly also here prints to record a burnable moment to shiver for a while, but he grinds teeth to insist, the ? word on the forehead’s printing to record is also the golden light that sends forth a mightiness, the ape works properly after death of statue of Buddha eyes open whole, mightiness of Buddha simply projecting before the body from him accurately covered with that piece of that print to record, imitate a Buddha to print generally.And the ape work properly is also suddenly open eyes, also exist the gold color ? word in his eyes, make his whole individual look be full of dignity.Print the speed of recording the combustion though drive only Gu clearly control to arrive most slowly,

but send forth the destructive power of but is air jordan 1 huge can not imagine, that simply sealing to print to immediately appear a great deal of fracture of the Buddha that covers with to print to record just two interest time, then bomb however fall in pieces, however the print ground crack of at the same time, again useful lately seal to printout now top, go round and begin again.Time slowly passes, only the Gu has been staring at eyes of beginning the arm clearly slowly just big, the mouth also slowly opens, shape with unimaginable look.He tooks a look his own arm and fiercely see again to the ape work properly and looking at the look in the eyes that the ape works properly again as seeing monster.The ape at the moment works properly on golden light Suo of body round, but his arm is have utter darkness such as the Mo of black light follow hands to start wanting to begin arm to spread, he unexpectedly will that burnable but creation of print to record of the energy is strong line of of inside the inhalation body.And this is exactly also the ape to work properly an end purpose, the whole sources in the night boundary soul dint, also the best medium, since he once makes use of soul dint to let ghost dollar and Buddha simply blending formation to curse a dollar why so not ability past the skill weigh, making use of the soul dint will curse a dollar and print to record medium strength mutual fusion.But fact prove, the ape works properly of the guess is viable, however process have no such as the ape work properly that sort thought easy, compare to now the ape work properly all over shiver, the soul body is also the evidence with defeated and dispersed, the not so bad ape works properly at the moment and changes the energy in the body thoroughly curse a dollar, otherwise only ghost dollar or Buddha only still really can not the energy releasing with print to record in the combustion is mutual to blend, after all their grade differs too greatly.The whole arms that the ape works properly all have already become utter darkness, seeing his soul body has already soon accepted to can not stand, he immediately and greatly drinks a way”come to a stop.”Only the Gu month smells speech immediately stop bottom, immediately after the ape works properly two hands to immediately arrive at only the Gu month body up, again drink a way” reads to curse.”Only the Gu month looking at ape to work properly a tremulous soul body and shuts eyes to again start reading to curse, and previous similar, the Buddha only just appeared, that grimace immediately roared a , immediately and again started from only Gu the month sampled ferocious mien in soul body.The ape works properly to see this eye in naked explode Shan, shout at top of voice, on the hand was blended by him to curse a dollar and print to record the brand-new energy importation of burning the strength only inside the Gu month body, almost in this energy get into the moment of the Gu month soul body only, as if a drop of ink drop into settle among water, quickly spread to open in his body.Only the Gu month immediately opens eyes, one face of unimaginable, although just integrated into a D to order, but he felt that the dint of a soul with thick Hun integrates into inside the body and quickly adds present depletion of oneself.Again deeply saw an eye ape work properly, he immediately shuts eyes and start reading to cantillate it super living to curse, and read to cantillate to don’t hestitate this time, allow the grimace of better arm is from the body inside sample soul dint.

Next time inside, along with only the Gu month nike air jordan 10 read to cantillate voodoo and also slowly appeared a statue of Buddha on him, only this statue of Buddha is faintly discernable misty very much, and seems to be very quickly will the shape of dissipation, and the ape work properly the hands of original utter darkness to also have half resumed original kind.The in a flash of time and die, wink to would be for a month time, this month time inside only the grimace of the Gu month better arm send out of the Si roar more and more weak, and only Gu month the soul body blend mutually of the ferocious mien be also been purified by the whole amount, although the process is very painful, but only the Gu month self-discipline so long time, order so to endure patiently dint still certain.And only the Gu month still discovers along with the disappearance of ferocious mien, own state not only stopped dropping into and on the contrary and quickly resumed to come over, a short short emperor come to a ghost month time highest point, almost and then can again attain the territory of ghost.Not only is a Gu month only, the ape worked properly to also get many advantages in time in this month, the state also comes to an a ghost emperor highest point, and soul body’s also becoming Ning is more solid, far and far see go to and really the meat body have no two kinds.Time in their treatment the quick passage turn an eye and is three months, after treatment for four month, only the grimace of the Gu month better arm already become abnormality misty, send forth the Si of to roar to also border on weak can not smell, only the real strenght of Gu month also re- comes to a ghost state.This day, the ape works properly to open eyes, looking at only the better arm in month of Gu and says”seem about again have seven, your condition of the injury should meeting thoroughly completely recovered.”Only the Gu month reads to curse of the voice is tiny, open eyes, looking at ape to work properly, tiny tiny on smiling, say” this still kept giving your blessing, if isn’t you, current of I make the 31 F slowly wait dead, the Yao is a soul body to defeat and dispersed, which can also be like now so, not only condition of the injury already basic completely recovered, even the real strenght will can not also use how long then can attain a highest point.”The ape works properly once the mouth smile, say” in fact you also need not thank me, if be not you own ghost saint to stay of print to record, even if being me is also at the end of one’s tether, and I also got many advantages and let my real strenght come to a ghost state smoothly at least.I think with my current real strenght, should be able to be going toward to living pond to spend 49 smoothly.”Only Gu the month is interrogative way” do you want transmigration of soul?But if just transmigration of soul, you greatly need not try very hard to so of promote real strenght, because unless your real strenght can attain ghost saint, otherwise get into to living pond rinse soul, after getting into transmigration of soul, everythings will restart.”The ape works properly to shake and says” I not for the sake of the transmigration of soul, I just want to leave here.Is “only Gu month immediately the Zheng is big eyes, ask a way” your meaning sun still?”"Is sun still right, also for the sake of this purpose, I just all want to become strong at all costs, as long as becoming enough strong, can while going toward to living pond to soak for 49 days but can’t being washed out his/her owning memory, opening in the door of transmigration of soul when the time comes, I can re- return to among the fairyland.

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