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<p>The ape works properly and only Gu<strong><a href=”http://www.air-jordancanadas.ca/air-jordans-11-c-3.html”>nike air jordan 11</a></strong>  month after death of the devil statue see the sky whirlpool to grind to a stop and suddenly look up at sky to send out an earthquake to bellow for sky, immediately after and together and together the right hand stretches even, a Xing big ax in the sky appears in hand respectively and is the moment that they grasp big ax, the sky flash across a lightning flash, the heavy black spirit comes out and curls up devil statue from the big ax.Those devil statues imitate a Buddha to own their own consciousnesses at the moment general, lower the head to looking at ape to work properly and only Gu month, the big ax in hand slowly raises, the black gasification immediately coming out from the big ax makes a way Malicious ghost, send forth a sad and shrill rant, the voice unexpectedly ranned over the muttering voice of surroundings.Raise big ax in two devil statues overdo crest slowly, the ape works properly and only the Gu month whole body icy cold, marry into wife’s family an icehouse, even continuously have ferocious mien to flow out into a body from the all directions, pound at their consciousness, imitate a Buddha to want abruptly of pull into they are among the ghost way.Imitating Buddha inspiration is general, the ape works properly and only the Gu month read the speed of cantillating the voodoo more and more quick, spangle of body, the muttering voice of surroundings also suddenly enlarge, back of the devil statue is also a body is one Zhan, on the body deeply once put on golden light and peep out painful air on the face.However this also just in a twinkling just, the big ax still keeps slowly raising Gao and be axe thoroughly after Gao Ju is overdo, seem and give them a helping hand, that whirlpool in the sky declines the lightning flash of next two utter darkness color and accurately in the clout two big axes.Give or get an electric shock snake to curl up, give or get an electric shock Hu to take out a dozen on all sides, send out to split a Pa voice, surroundings of the space appeared more big slice of of cracked.But those two devil statues are only also that the whole bodies are blacks flicker, temporarily inhibit the golden light come out, looking at ape to work properly and only Gu month, red in the eye only one Shan, the big ax in hand is to work properly toward the ape and only Gu month Bo neck a cut but descend.A way ax copies a conjunction bottom and formed noodles, lead of place space breakup, send out deafening voice, overwhelm by joy sword to appear at the ape work properly and only Bo neck of Gu month, see will be beheaded on the spot.At this time, the ape works properly and only the Gu month read to cantillate of the voodoo voice suddenly pull out Gao, is also the golden light that sends forth a mightiness from their body, another statue of Buddha appears on their body, one ax unexpectedly and abruptly held up to come in blustering and menacing manner, the statue of Buddha only just forming also immediately bombs however falls in pieces and turns to make a little bit some golden light dissipation.Although it is said only held up Xing the direct attack of big ax in the sky, up depend on of lightning flash but still beat through the statue of Buddha at their body up, make their whole body violent to shiver in, the soul body unexpectedly has a continuously black smoke to come out.Two devil statues see these black smokes, the eye dew is greedy, immediately fierce on absorbing, immediately a drop of don’t remain of all work properly from the ape and only the Gu month body up come out of the black smoke absorb clean.This black smoke owns a great advantage to two devil statues and originally have already succeeded nerveless they, unexpectedly and again raise big ax, the speed only raising this time is slow a lot of,</p>
<p> fully lead just still needed many 100% times than <strong><a href=”http://www.air-jordancanadas.ca/air-jordans-12-c-5.html”>air jordan 12</a></strong>it, just big ax Gao Ju is overdo, and also have no lightning flash and again fall in this time.This also works properly for ape and only Gu month ample time, don’t wait axe downfall this time, a statue of Buddha falsely the shadow again appear in the ape to work properly and only the Gu month body up, and the statue of Buddha this time than just still wanted Ning actually.Two devil statues are on spangle of body at the moment, seeing the appearance is already spent force, but still roar a , Xing in hand big ax in the sky mercilessly cuts bottom.Dong~be big ax to cut when the statue of Buddha is last as if a clock blare of voice resound through world, immediately after Xing big ax in the sky contact statue of Buddha of the place appear ground crack, and have a great deal of fracture to spread.After a short moment, the fracture spread all over the whole body of devil statue and sent forth golden light of mightiness from the crack, the body of devil statue also starts sheding off and peeped out in send forth golden light of statue of Buddha gold body.Devil statue finally leaves skull, in two unwilling roarses, the devil statue is thoroughly ground to split, what to replace is whole body golden light, send forth Hao however a huge statue of Buddha of sense of right.Top one small segment plot appeared mistake and had been already modified, ashamed, noon time have a little tightly, the bedlamite is also an evening way home up think of, immediately carry on a modification, Hey Hey, again say a voice sorry ?, though chapter 217 forbidden ground(up) after death devil statue already ground split, be replaced by the statue of Buddha afresh, but print and record of combustion but don’t stop, also is pretty much near of an of print and record just burnable medium release one huge have no the energy of .However this energy although just as since the violent in action gone toward, have already canned not work properly to the ape and only the Gu month result in injury, on the contrary along with don’t stop to gobble up this energy, let their real strenght include the progress to leap a sort, very quick they exceed to go into the territory of arriving the ghost highest point, only after coming to an a highest point, their soul body imitates a Buddha falsely the hole is still general, is gobbling up this to before feel some too huge energies crazily.Is more and more along with the energy gobbling up, the ape works properly and only the golden light on the Gu month body has as substantial, and after death such as dead thing sort of statue of Buddha double the eye also become to work properly to move, at their after death shone a turn of gold color ray of light, a dignity sends forth from their body, the black smoke filling the air in the sky also starts to be violent vacillating and imitate a Buddha to have a pair of big hand of invisibles at in shake up.Again is three months in the past, only the printing of the Gu month arm records already remain only a few, but his better arm is to re- coagulate in three months here, and the arm coagulating this time send forth gold color and body of up of different, suddenly one the statue of Buddha arm seeing unexpectedly and after death is some likenesses.On this day, only the printing of the Gu month arm records thoroughly burnable clean, imitating the Buddha is to return only return to shine on generally, that print to record combustion behind release of energy the suddenly huge quite a few suddenly hurtle into ape to work properly doubly and only Gu month among the soul body, but basically arouse not to rise any ripple,</p>
<p> be gobbled up by them clean.After they will <strong><a href=”http://www.air-jordancanadas.ca/air-jordans-2-c-8.html”>air jordan 2</a></strong> how can it possibly be quantity to thoroughly gobble up, the ape works properly to grasp only the hands in month of Gu loose open, kneadses method Jue, the golden light on the body has already come to an extreme achievement, but have no the slightest of the outside spread, all astringent let them look at the moment among the soul body and after death of the statue of Buddha had 70% alike.At this time, there is suddenly a golden light shooting into horizon from the statue of Buddha body, the immediately after firmamental dark cloud starts becoming a gold color, and rapid of outwardly spread, lead of place everything Be returned to equanimity, even the sponge of very rough sea also resumed quite, the power and prestige blows to kiss and starts to take very tiny gamey smell.The whole world is very quick drive Buddha simply covering with the immediately after a way golden light spread bottom, exaggerate world into one gold a color, the ape works properly and only the Gu month read the voice of cantillating the voodoo to resound through world.Don’t realize mistake how long as well, the ape works properly and only Gu month thoroughly digest the energy in the body, and soul body already and after death of when the statue of Buddha have 90% to resemble they back of the statue of Buddha hands slowly lift and also take ape to work properly and only the Gu month does a same affair.But their 2 people then seem to have no feel.The hands of statue of Buddha before chest knead skill method Jue, the lips closing tightly are also tiny to open, an as different as chalk and cheesely read to curse the voice spreads from the statue of Buddha, the voice,such as clock, blares and lets the ape work properly and only the Gu month listenned to the spirit annoy great, the soul dint in the body is also as if be purified generally, one in fine threads black spirit the black spirit is from the body inside come out, these have plenty of to print to record in the middle save to stay of ferocious mien, have of then only Gu month ten thousand ghosts inside the body love a soul to remain before printing disappearance of ferocious mien.Original these ferocious miens will in later time in slowly dissipation, however this statue of Buddha complete in advance for her, and this is to work properly for the ape and only the Gu month thoroughly washed away dirt soul and made their fix in this crary increment suffer from thoroughly cancellation for but leaving of concealed.The ape works properly and only the Gu month read to cantillate of the voodoo also follow a change, and from their soul bodies also washed away dirt in a decontamination of time, became more deeply, let more their soul body the potential got to biggestly promote, the rinse soul this time will also let they at later self-discipline big way up, can’t easily be subjected to heart evil influence.This compare to is existent tradition in an as in, imitate Buddhist doctrine then generally, as long as satisfy certain of request, then will automatically get the tradition of existence in this as in.Under this kind of status, the ape works properly and only the Gu month spent fully and spent nearly one year, until their soul bodies don’t have the slightest black spirit to come out, until their real strenght thoroughly knocked down a ghost highest point greatly satisfactory, be apart from ghost saint only have one step of Yao, they are two to suddenly open eyes.Was full of equanimity in their eyes, even have light golden light sending forth, if 1 have if the Wei having no presses to fill the air from their body, this Wei presses to combine to make people suffered, the impulse that will allow people to rise 1 kind want to worship.In the brain that the ape works properly already the second voodoo in the remembering of prison prison,</p>
<p> mumbling way&quot;soul in the town curse and have never<strong> <a href=”http://www.air-jordancanadas.ca/air-jordans-3-c-9.html”>nike air jordan 3</a></strong>  thought to unexpectedly still exist this tradition.&quot;Only the Gu month is also one face regrets, say&quot; I once heard and was your chance and opportunity to arrive, so will get this in the whole world the tradition of existence in the as in.This tradition comes from where no man understand, probably along with the birth of this earth, together appear in the whole world, as well or is the state superior whom we can not peep, fore go toward higher layer of state, the tradition for staying loosed.These, originally think just fabulous, but have never thought this kind of legend, will one day appear again on me.&quot;, Looking at ape to work properly, only Gu month smile way&quot; is spoken of these to still need to thank you.If not is to meet you, I think to be current of I am unconsciously thoroughly operated by the Yue Xin, bestill come his puppet.&quot;The ape works properly a station to start, looking at that equanimity of sponge, breathe to welcome of mix up with the light breeze of sea Xing, light way&quot; this is your predestination, also my predestination, in then it the whole as ins from have predestination, so nonexistent who depend who, your present everything is all you deserved of.Is &quot;only the Gu month station starts and looking at the figure that the ape workses properly, the corner of mouth peeped out a smile, he lightly arrives at ape to work properly nearby and asks a way&quot; still going to challenge higher layer?&quot;The ape works properly to looking at only Gu month, smile way&quot; why not?&quot;Only Gu the month is some worry of say&quot; BE, the 33 F is the Yues Xins that connects at the beginning to all have no the tests that can spend, although don’t want to admit, but at the beginning of he is sincerely really Chen outside, night boundary 2 people, fix for although just ghost, come to an a ghost greatly satisfactory.Although your real strenght also already with at the beginning of Yue Xin about equal, but ……&quot;the ape works properly to raise to obstruct he continues to keep on saying and say&quot; I ain’t a Yue Xin, he can’t is me, either.He doesn’t can make of affair, doing not represent my ape to work properly can not attain.Like, open an entrance for me, or I abruptly develop a passage that leads to 33 F by myself.&quot;Looking at ape to work properly a firm look in the eyes, only the Gu month also no longer advises Zu and sigh a , the hands knead Jue, before going toward on flicking, a golden light project, beat at unreal, arise a burst of ripple, a black of the front door appear over there.The ape works properly to looking at that black of and lead to the entrance of 33 F, there is expectation in the eyes, there is also excitement, more had curious one silk, saying of some no time for waitings&quot;many thanks, hereafter have opportunity to see again.&quot;Finish saying a feet to exceed into black hole, the body in a very sho

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