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“Finally say to return toair jordan canadafairyland, the ape works properly of the tone become unusually firm, the look in the eyes is also one to deeply leave no room for doubt.Only the Gu month looking at ape to work properly and sigh a , just meant to say what, but suddenly the complexion greatly changed and sent out one to bellow.This come all of a sudden of bellowed to immediately draw on the attention that the ape works properly, be he see of time, detection only the Gu month better arm ascend already soon the grimace of dissipation is suddenly clear, and the grimace this time and before of a little bit different, the head livings a pair of capes, the whole grimace more the Ning is solid, send forth metal sheen, link the place of the Gu month soul body to only stretch out a way black tentacle from that grimace more, quickly of firm go into only the Gu month don’t stop a peristalsis along with it among the soul body, let only Gu month that already resume of greatly and not much of soul body again quick weak come down.The ape works properly eye pupil constringency and just wanted to have action, but saw that grimace Jie Jie strange to say with smile”only Gu month, have never thought, I still stayed so all alone.Originally you if is very strange foolish, then will the milli- euthanasia go, and can also become a soul to work properly by rebirth, but at present you but it happened that print this to untie, make ten thousand ghosts love a soul to print to launch, at present you even if think that the rebirths all could not did it,Ha ha ha ha.”Hear this voice, only the facial expression of the Gu month pallor in a twinkling becomes ferocious, a pair of eye pupils are also moments constringency, the gnash teeth in hatred said that a name grimace in”Yue Xin~” continues to say” you trust, be ten thousand ghosts love a soul to print to thoroughly gobble up you clean after, you will become my to divide time, know after sincerely Chen walk, I am the king of night boundary, can become a dividing time of king, you should feel honor just right.”Only eyes in month of Gu spread all over a thrombus, strongly the ferocious mien comes out from his body and turns to make black smoke of a way to coagulate in the sky and formed a grimace for terribling, from the mouth of that grimace in sent out a rant that resounds through world”Yue Xin, you have a kind to come out for me, since is a king, why still need to hide to hide to hide.”"Need not worry, I will come back of, however isn’t now, you can work well to greet my preparation when the time comes, I dearly divide time, only Gu month,Ha ha ha ha”The voice of grimace is till the last unusually sharp, seem very excited appearance., Just at that grimace reckless cachinnation, the ape works properly a start to grasp only the arm in month of Gu, say”we continue to cure.”Only the Gu month fiercely looking at ape to work properly, that vision as if substantial, let the surroundings space that the ape works properly appear distortion, and the ape work properly to also be nowise afraid and stare at only Gu month, the look in the eyes is deep, imitate Buddha star sky general, let only Gu the month is originally burnable of the fury slowly put out and resumed equanimity.After a short moment, only the Gu month has already thoroughly fallen calm and work properly such as the ape say, no longer care grimace, beginning burnable begin arm up of print to record.The absolute being of the Yue Xin knew to seem to be just to wake up in that grimace and saw arrive only Gu the month and ape work properly of action, despise way”hum, thought that the chain turned sincerely what Chen left to print to record with your 2, over-confident.”"Feed, I say you two, don’t waste to print to record the last strength,

I still need to stay that to cut and polish nike air jordan well ……”" all said that you are to labor in vain, how don’t listen to old man speech.Ah, the kid in nowadays ……”imitated Buddha soundly asleep for a long time, want to vent all of being depressed of so many in the last yearseses generally, the grimace was loquacious of keep on talking without stop.Only Gu the month and ape work properly also inattentive, remain with concentration to one of ambition be responsible for combustion to print to record, a sent forth inside energy and body of while willing print to record combustion of curse a dollar fusion, at importation only inside the Gu month body.Along with the importation of this energy, that the words of grimace that just still chattered without stopping immediately and clearly and, shut of eyes also suddenly the Zheng is big, full face of unimaginable.?, “This is impossible, this is impossible ……” of chapter 216 ghost way(up) grimace always repeat these four words, imitate a Buddha at the moment in addition to these four words, all otherly can not express his mood at the moment.After a short moment, the grimace seems to fall calm and sinks a voice to ask a way”only Gu month, tell me, you is how the chain turn this prints to record medium energy, if you tell me, I promise to immediately relieve these ten thousand ghosts to love a soul to print.”The ape works properly and only the Gu month didn’t realize him and remained with concentration to over there curing of the ambition.See oneself be taken no cognizance, in the grimace eyes flash across thick heavy intention to murder, but is also a Shan to namely die and immediately after say”only Gu month, if you tell me the chain the method for turning, I can not only relieve ten thousand ghosts to love a soul to print, but also will resume the real strenght to the highest point for you, even can also make you break ghost state and become ghost saint, I return to night boundary when the time comes, you will be one person under, myriad people on.”Remain have no response, see softly don’t go, the grimace immediately threatens” only Gu month, you even if can really the chain turn sincerely the energy left by Chen again how, my real strenght has already exceeded those early years sincerely Chen, but these ten thousand ghosts love a soul to print again is with my dollar the absolute being connect with each other, I can connect to continuously strengthen ten thousand ghosts to love the strength that the soul prints through this chain, unless your real strenght exceed I, otherwise is not likely to break open ten thousand ghosts to love a soul to print.”Imitate a Buddha and is waiting for only the answer of Gu month is general, the grimace is silent on flicking, see or have no response, finally cold hum 1, say” calculated, since you thus not understand the changes of the time, I also can’t, can wait you to become me of is letting speaking of your darling after dividing time.”Finish saying this sentence after, the grimace indeed as expected no longer talks, however his eye pupil son occasionally still keeps turning and seem is lookinging at only Gu month and ape to work properly generally.After half year, only printing of the Gu month left arm’s recording has already burned greater half, but the speed that can love a soul to print to gobble up with ten thousand ghosts form a balance, if keep on continuing will really such as grimace say, only the Gu monthly meeting becomes his to divide time.Only the Gu month wry smile is 1, say”see to my life the thus, the ape works properly and thanks you for having been with all one’s heart curing for me.Taking advantage o the energy that this prints to record now to still leave is some, I will help you the passage for breaking through into 33 F, and I believe to will pass smoothly by your natural intelligence affirmation and attain higher layer.Does “the grimace immediately roars with laughter a way” grind through a testing of 33 F?With him?Only Gu month, disappear for several years,

your sense of humor really progressed a lot.air jordan 10 See appearance, I after returning to night boundary have you this divides time at, the day should be not very boring.”The ape works properly to knit the brows a way” your plan dry what?”Only the Gu month Qi however on smiling, say” still ability what, I am a dividing time of Yue Xin henchman, I can not do it, I intend to set off to print the energy of recording the surplus, more or less should be able to inflict a heavy losses on the dollar of this guy absolute being like this, to our psyche dollar the absolute being equals life, serious wound this time should be able to let his state drop into at least a small state.”That grimace smells speech immediately the complexion greatly changing and roaring loud a way” only Gu month, you can not do so.The energy set off to print to record, you will the form absolute being put out all and from now on and thoroughly and in the whole world blur out, even if is a body place the night boundary can not also bring to life.Are you getting more crazy?”Only the Gu month didn’t realize the rant of grimace, the hands choke Jue, on flicking, a ray of light projects and beats on the unreal, the together black passage appears over there, obviously is the entrance that leads to 33 F there.The ape worked properly to see one eye entrance and looking at only Gu month more pale facial expression, ask a way”did you so easily give up?”Only the smiling face on the Gu month face is getting more wretched, say” doesn’t give up again how, our real strenght doesn’t help, isn’t the opponent of Yue Xin, if keep on continuing will make the real strenght of Yue Xin stronger as well, take still can make a resisting of end now, what do we still can make?”The ape worked properly to sigh tone and shook head a way” you should not give up, my this outsiders have never said to give up, why you but give up easily, all since the cook led several ten thousand years, many cook several bottoms again how.Since want to give up, that why the need for had a bitterness bitterness to struggle several ten thousand years.”The ape works properly of Chinese, let only the Qi on the Gu month face however have already come to a biggest, if at the moment of he cans shed tears and necessarily has already soaked through breadth of mind.Only the Gu month looking at ape to work properly and suddenly roars a way”you understand what, insisted for few ten thousand yearses, it is sincerely this to prop up my for these few ten thousand yearses Chen left in those early years of printed to record, as long as having this to print to record existence, I had been believing that my one day there will would like, but now?Connect this to print to record can not dispel in addition to ten thousand ghosts love a soul to print, you feel that I return ability how do, I in addition to from explode to still can make what?You say that you say!”Ape’s working properly don’t answer, but suddenly step an one step, a hold tight only the arm in month of Gu, say” since wants from explode, that our wager is a , print and record is all combustion in the energy remaining.”Only the Gu month Leng for a while, immediately the complexion greatly changes way” can not, words like this you will also in danger, didn’t you hear the words that the Yue Xin just said?Once failing, so we will thoroughly in the whole world put on to go from this, you not is say to still need to return sun, you not is say and does someone waits you to return to?If you died that how do they do?”The ape worked properly, flash across in eye hesitant, however is also one Shan namely die, immediately and firmly say” with my current real strenght even if is get into 33 F also is not likely to pass a test, don’t even say at go toward living pond to soak for 49 days two keep memory.Since it is so the still not equal to wager is a ,

not and successfully and then become Ren.”Only nike air jordan 1 the Gu month looking at ape to work properly a firm look in the eyes, oppression feel to spread from the arm, the miserable disappearance on the face disappears and roars with laughter a way” has never thought I only Gu month the in the article of death front can also meet you so crary guy, good, you not afraid, I am afraid of, you have to accompany me to die together, I beg it not get!”The ape works properly the mouth say with smile”‘s wanting to die to treat will cure after liking oneself die, I can’t keep you company, I still need to return sun.”The ape works properly and only the Gu month sit with the legs crossed and ordered to nod mutually, then shut last eyes.The grimace looking at ape to work properly and only Gu month, have some frightened ways”bedlamite, all of you are bedlamites!In those early years sincerely Chen was also such, you only the Gu month was a bedlamite, this guy was also a bedlamite, where did someone rather sacrifice their himself/herselfs for the sake of the other people?”The ape works properly to open eyes and looking at grimace and says with him for the first time” person probably can’t, but I ain’t a person, I am a demon.”Finish saying and then no longer realize him, start melting own vitality absolute being to put together and make own real strenght slowly clime to a highest point.Only the Gu month also makes oneself fall calm as far as possible, don’t know why, ape’s working properly is grasping her arm, make him is to have peace of mind very much, this kind of feels he just at sincerely Chen Shen up once feel, thought of sincerely Chen, his heart again wry smile.After a hour, the ape works properly of vitality absolute being already perfect fusion together, his real strenght also comes to an a highest point, immediately after he shouts at top of voice”we start.”Only the Gu month is also to don’t hestitate, immediately record on printing of surplus of arm thoroughly burnable.Though already dissipation greater half, but the energy that breaks out Be still huge to have no, didn’t°yet wait spread and then be immediately worked properly constantly continuous absorption by the ape, again input it only inside the Gu month body.Only that print to record medium contain of the energy is too huge, let the ape work properly to absorb fusion too late, inside hurtling into of then a brain body, an acute pain the deep place spread and let the ape work properly to bellow to make a noise almost from the soul.Even only the Gu month is also such, though have ten thousand ghosts and love a soul and print and just and quickly gobble up, but this the speed gobbling up obviously has already fallen behind energy importation of speed.Almost endless endless energy here under the importation, the face of grimace’s becoming Ning is more solid, but grimace have no the slightest of excitement, on the contrary a face frightenedly roars a way”you are bedlamites, whole is a bedlamite, come to a stop, come to a stop for me quickly.”Only the Gu month opens eyes in the complexion distortion, once the Hey Hey smile, the hoarse voice rings out” are you to like to gobble up very much?I today make you swallow enough.”Finish saying this sentence after, he then could not say a words any further, that kind of the soul seem the bulge that to explode a sort pain even she is hard to bear with, while his real strenght also quickly increase and didn’t arrive a hour and then came to an a ghost for middle in the early years from the ghost, and this speed is increasing.Surroundings of the space start to be violent distorting, the sky appeared a great deal of fracture more, the ocean more doesn’t stop to pour book, with the ape work properly the group of islands of place for center hollow, peeped out a submarine entire content.

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