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“The department is proud~one was cheap air jordans full of indignant Si to roar to ring out from the periphery at this time, that Si’s roaring was exactly those early years the hoarse heard by Hao sun roar, is exactly also he the nightmare ever, at present at so the close quarter bottom hear, let his consciousness appear misty, his soul body has already bordered on translucent, the ghost dollar in the body is a great deal of disappearance, the body is to can not be keeping to kowtow, but keep to straightly keep on fallening off.Don’t wait Hao sun to fallen off, a burst of strong breeze curls up it, roar and shout medium take everything away toward the forbidden ground outer circle.”If not is to see at your bitterness bitterness and guard night boundary for several ten thousand yearses, I break can’t Rao you are one life.The ability lives a life in my under charge, you are the third, will be the last.Remember, don’t again, otherwise, give no quarter.”This the end hearing is some kind of words, while he finally still has no to see a night monster before being that the Hao sun is collapsed and fainted, just when that eyes that open again shut to match in the Hao sun a drop of tears slides from the canthus.The soul originally has no tears, but the Hao sun at the moment, but flow next the tears of the soul, what this tears contain is his unwilling, is him to own disappointment, is also to those send to the great and earnest hope on oneself, the next satisfied tears with the apology that all psyches flows.The strong breeze takes Hao sun and runs fast all the way, the on the way is regardless the Huang a monster still a soul monster, climbed down in succession, don’t dare to to this strong breeze the slightest obstruct.After arriving at a forbidden ground edge, the strong breeze is made an effort a to jilt, the body of Hao sun is thrown from the inside, keep downfall from the air, heavily hit at ground, this under more have a great deal of soul dint from the body inside spew out, at the moment of he is weak to arrive extreme achievement, even if is a common soul monster and then can gobble up it.And distance Hao the place of sun 300 meters, also at the right moment have a head of soul monster positive double of eyes Be red to redly looking at him, what to reveal is greedy, a desire, only don’t know in that eyes why, that soul monster is just some low hoarses with irritable hair to roar, back and forth take a stroll, but have never hurtled to come over and gobble up Hao sun over there.Everything is returned to equanimity, imitate Buddha everythings have never taken place, the forbidden ground still keeps being a forbidden ground, still is that no man dare, can not also step enough of forbidden ground.Only the edge in that forbidden ground, a figure quietly lie over there, was full of on his face bitter and astringent, the canthus still saves to stay that to flow the lachrymal trace of next soul.?, The tears(bottom) of chapter 218 soul didn’t realize mistake how long as well, the Hao sun slowly waked up to come over from the obfuscation.At the moment of he abnormality weak, still keep having a light ghost dollar to float to spread on the body, make his soul body have been translucent.The Hao sun struggled to stand and looking at that pitched dark forbidden ground deep place in front and just wanted to again get into, at present but suddenly misty, the body was a burst of to sway, almost don’t stop feet.Swayed to sway head, made oneself awake as far as possible, but in the moment still kept being that the one is misty, at present of he can send forth the real strenght of only ghost the king is just.

This real strenght, get into among the forbidde air jordan shoes n ground, only a dead end.Hao sun Qi however on smiling, suddenly face upward the cachinnation get up, if the form is crazy.The laughter spreads very far, but seems to be unusually disconsolate in this open spaces place.A long time, the Hao sun gradually stopped laughter, eyes inside was just a little empty, lookinging at of Zheng Zheng that forbidden ground deep place, once turned round to start leaving.At this Huang the place of the unmanned smoke, the step abnormality of Hao sun is heavy, walk each time one steps will send out depressed voice.He not know he just toward where run about, also not know that oneself wants where, he just feel, walks so and walks to the end of this road.Probably, in that end will there is solution method also perhaps ……all the way, Hao sun have no be able to absorb surrounding ghost spirit, also didn’t obstruct the dissipation of ghost dollar inside the body, he becomes more and more weak.The Hao sun look in the eyes becomes more and more empty, as if the ownerless wandering soul is general, while he doesn’t also discover, is having from his body at the moment the in fine threads black spirit stirs up.These black spirits have no in the sky dissipation, but cloud that formed one utter darkness in the Hao sun top of head, far and far see go, impressively and his cut to send forth in the yataghan, can change magically the black spirit of a dry skeleton battalion to look exactly alike.Cloud of the black is in the sky vacillating, set alight a way from it green light, these are only green with dry skeleton eye socket inside of similar, imitate a pair of doubles eyes of Buddha at the moment, is staring at under of Hao sun.The flame is more and more, the different meeting appeared light blue flame, the emergence of these flames made those green flames tiny to avert from some, also become some obscure, seem to be not to dare with it and contend for Hui generally.Finally, the whole black cloud became the flame of a regiment combustion, among them most of color is green, most outer circle of is pale green, along with go toward inside the color also become more and more deep, in position in the flame center, then drive blue replace, but where the center of blue flame is having two regiment navy-blue flame lightly jump about, that is exactly a dry skeleton emperor flame within eye.That flame deeply a Yin is cold, imitate the grudge that the Buddha has to say that it isn’t and to the utmost to the Hao sun, that hates such as substantial general, mercilessly fall at Hao sun body up, let his soul body appear inching faintness, but for at the moment of he to say, all these, could not feel.Time slowly passes by, the Hao sun becomes more and more weak, at the moment of he can the real strenght displaying out only have ghost king initial stage, seeing the appearance can not be used how long even the ghost king’s strength all use don’t come out.The flame in the sky becomes more and more small, while the blue flame occupy of the area then is more and more wide, the color is more and more deep, as for two regiment flames of that center, at the moment unclearly deeply a purple color, just this is purple as if stars within dark night, one Shan is one Shan, unless cautiously see, otherwise is not likely to see that to put on purple color.After three days, the soul body of Hao sun already the infirmity arrive extreme achievement,

even at the moment of he all over shivers and come nike air jordan 4 out one-step body and then grind to a stop each time a short while, imitate a Buddha use great energy just raise another feet, the step voice also sinks more deeply.On the fourth day, Hao sun quietly over there, station’s his body keeps that ex- go of posture, all over shiver, seem to be still to go before thinking, but can not walk anymore any further.Just at this time, have already completely become blue flame to suddenly jump about in the sky, suddenly soar, the flame center has already been replaced by the lavender as well, the size also occupies the whole 1/3 of regiment flame.Sees those two regiment lavender the flame jumped about for a while and seemed descend a certain order, let the light blue flame of edge suddenly keep on hurtling toward the Hao sun.But don’t wait flame to destroy Hao sun, there is suddenly an in great quantities black spirit stiring up from his body, the black spirit formation tornado covers with Hao sun, those blue flames that just came basically had no to resist of the dint was curled up by the tornado to wring ground, turned to make small Mars to float to spread in the sky.When the tornado disappears, have already put on on the body of Hao sun the battle armor in a set of black, this battle armor is exactly the soul machine of Hao sun, felt the host’s danger at the moment, flew by oneself, wore on Hao sun, held up this first attack for the Hao sun.That regiment flame has no consequently grind to a stop, that first flame dissipation after, immediately have the second flame advent, the flame this time compares it just the color have to be deeply some.The battle armor of Hao sun’s seeming to be to these guys for looting are exasperations very much, the souls dint motions of a burst of mightiness from in proliferation, immediately after the ray of lights of utter darkness imitate a Buddha to gobble up the whole of falsely hole, let to gobble up a since then blue flame whole amount to destroy, disappear to disappear.The flame remains billowing, one silk didn’t the slightest want to stop, and that battle armor change magically falsely hole seem to also attain everlasting to endlessly gobble up and appeared a way close fracture after gobbling up nearly quarter of flames, is insisting after several minutes, the fracture has already spread all over whole falsely hole, finally bomb in an impact bottom of flame however ground crack, peep out in the figure of Hao sun.Along with falsely hole ground crack, the battle armor of Hao sun appeared fracture, sending forth the soul dint of the motion is also weak a lot of, can even if such, that battle armor still not depends on Nao not, at falsely hole ground crack of at the same time, don’t wait flame nearby, then and again changing magically is falsely a hole.Only this of falsely the hole narrowed a lot, the flame gobbling up also has no previous half, in this ground fission.Along with a Mao Mao voice, the fracture of battle armor is getting larger, overalied the whole chest, and still and just and quickly spread, while the sky land of the flame not only didn’t weaken, on the contrary more fierce, obviously want a shot to settle victory or defeat.Imitate a Buddha at and Hao sun extremely don’t generally, the battle armor sent out a clear and crisp sound, immediately after a falsely the hole again appear, this of falsely before hole only don’t arrive of pretty much of a,

also just just started and then bombed however air jordan 5 ground crack, immediately together ground open of still have battle armor.The Hao sun at the moment, on the body already didn’t the slightest of the thing of protection, as for that cuts a yataghan, don’t know why to don’t appear.Blue flame at Hao sun the top of head is tiny, immediately after and then direct from his sky works properly to infuse into a body.Because the flame flows out to go into, Hao sun empty double of eyes gradually send forth a blue You light, if cautiously see and then can discover deep place of that eyes the blue flame for burning.The blue flame in the sky has already thoroughly got into Hao sun inside the body, only two regiment flames that leave that purple color quiet quiet afloat in the sky, seem to be in the observation, about a Zhu joss-stick after time, see Hao sun no action, this just hurtles into Hao sun inside the body a while.Moment, originally send forth the Hao sun of a blue light double eye, moment drive purple replace.But this isn’t the be over, just just starts.After the soul body of Hao sun is thoroughly occupied, the body of his obese slowly become thin, become Gao, soon became a lightly moving youth from a fatty, soon again become as skinny as a stick from the lightly moving youth, the end Hao sun became Gao Shi Zhang and before invoked the dry skeleton shelf that dry skeleton emperor’s of looks exactly alike with him.Thoroughly after changing into this shape, the purple flame in the Hao sun eye socket immediately enlarges a lot, and the color also become deeper, breathing that expects after exceeding the ghost emperor suddenly the explosion come out and form a circle to outwardly spread from his body.Imitating the freshman of Buddha celebration oneself is general, the Hao sun looked up at sky to send out a hoarse to roar, immediately after the purple flame in his eyes is violent to jump about, blunt sky but rise, toward tooking a look on all sides, imitated a Buddha to find out what, the Si roars toward the west fly pass by.The west that is apart from Hao sun previous place doesn’t get to ten kilometers of places, is occupying a head of soul monster, this soul monster real strenght has already come to an a highest point, soul dint of body the motion be free from proliferation of control and see the edge that the appearance have already arrived to condense soul bead.The this place distance forbidden ground doesn’t arrive 100 kilometers, seeing the appearance should is this soul monster in the process of moving into forbidden ground and finally repress not to live the impulse of the breakthrough, just finally can choose that this more hidden place carries on breakthrough.Can only cherish his body up send forth the soul dint of though the motion is made an effort to inhibit,still keeps spreading to open, as long as approaching this soul monster thousand meters scope, then can clearly feel this mightiness of soul dint motion.Can lie prone on the ground in this soul monster, soul body of body violent distort, the soul dint motion comes to a the most violent degree, seeing will step that end one step, condense soul bead and become the in a flash of Huang monster.Eyes that the Huang monster has been closing tightly suddenly open, the whole body direct from the ground takes, toward the sky sent out be full of roaring low of threat, only that roars low in, deeply of fearing is more.At his know above and not when appeared one regiment the black smoke , through the black smoke, can ambiguously see the inside stand high big figure, a vehemence that belongs to a ghost emperor highest point is from this black smoke inside bomb however spread.

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