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When a batch of dry skeletons touches cheap air jordans the body of touching the Huang monster last, haven’t waited they to send out excited that the Si roars, but sees that Huang monster to send out a rant of exasperation, the flame of Bo neck place sways before or after more and makes those dry skeletons that fall in his body immediately turn to make a wisp of black spirit, drive closely upon heels and since then of the dry skeletons absorb.The battle armor on the fatty body has been already disappeared, hands carry at the back on hands’ back and looking at Huang monster and dry skeleton battalion to launch chillily of fight.A little of time past, didn’t know to exterminate as well how much dry skeleton, have already had at the dry skeleton battalion rear a flame in the dry skeleton eye socket becomes a navy blue color and send forth the vehemence of on the body also unusually strong, take a bones crosier in the hand, sit at a is sat by the dark emperor of bones pile up but become up, as if emperor’s is general, just similar to the fatty just looking at the combat of front.And Huang monster then from just started now always milli- endless use ghost dollar, even if being the real strenght that owns a ghost emperor is also unbearable negative heavy, also the dry skeleton with a few eyes to emit light blue ray of light to stick on Huang monster, open a dark big, the one mouthful bites at, along with Huang monster one is sad cry, a continuously the soul dint be gobbled up by the dry skeleton.That’s right, is a soul dint, not a ghost dollar.Those flames colors in the dry skeletons eyeses that gobbled up the Huang monster soul dint become deeper and send forth the vehemences of also is increased with the speed canning see without the aid of instruments.Only having not waited them to absorb more is some, the flame of the soul monster Bo neck then destroys these dry skeletons directly and let them re- turns to make one continuously black spirit, only the black spirit this time compare previous of many not only 1 times, drive follow-up the dry skeleton rushing through gobble up.After, the about three hours Huang monster has been already disappeared, the only the cluster of dry skeleton looks up at sky the Si blare and seem still the dissatisfied foot is general.At this time, that soul bead that coagulated the soul monster greater half soul dint falls into a their eyes, didn’t wait they to hurtle in the past, the sit at the emperor an on every occasion of dry skeleton emperor the crosier is a soul bead.Immediately that soul bead is flown, be grasped in hand by him.Looking at that soul bead, the flame in the dry skeleton emperor’s eyes jumped about two times, it was that the excitement is general, just as he opens a big to seem to be very, the yataghan of cutting of fatty again appears in his hand, is 1 toward the dry skeleton battalion when the desire gobbles up this bead.Immediately that just return have no be afraid of dry skeleton battalion, including that dry skeleton emperor’s, all all sent out a sad and shrill Si to blare, turned to make an in succession continuously black the spirit was cut yataghan absorption afresh, is used that soul bead fallen off from the air, but be separated by the fatty empty shoot, and previous of the soul bead accepted together.Finished doing these, he didn’t hestitate of toward mountain range deep place the figure that turn to make a faintness, quick of thorough, but then seem to have the huge of an invisible in the mountain range of that utter darkness, being waiting for a fatty the approach is general.Crisis, quietly close by!?,

The tears(up) of chapter 218 soul all the way,air jordan shoesthe fatty collected six soul beads, among them, the last soul bead contains longan size, the body is almost transparent, in have ray of light flicker, such as stars, if cautiously feel, then can discover inside pure and huge soul bead.This soul bead got from a head of bear form Huang monster body, that Huang monster real strenght had already attained a ghost emperor to expect behind, if isn’t this all the way have a great deal of ghost spirit be gobbled up by the fatty, let his fix for resume 90%, he isn’t necessarily so the opponent of this Huang monster, can even if such, that combat still keeps making him rather troublesome to do and invoke the dry skeleton battalion of in, the dry skeleton emperor’s of navy blue color flame also launches an attack, this just exterminate it.Fatty the complexion is some at the moment pallor, surroundings of ghost spirit morally upright connect to integrate into among his soul body, fight medium depletion before making up.Though is harmed, can the fatty’s speed but not reduce anti- increase, he can clearly feel, own destination has already left him not far.The fatty stopped down while about going forward a long distance.What to appear is an impressive-looking mountain peak in his in front, that mountain peak as if a Qing big pillar in the sky, an eye hopes not and in the end, or so took a look, black fog fills the air, still can not see arrive exactly extend there, natural cover imitate a Buddha together from the sky but decline, isolated a fatty of go to road.The fatty suspends in front of this mountain and imitate a mole cricket and ant of Buddha general, basically the milli- is unattractive.And after closing to this mountain peak, the fatty obviously felt that a light Wei presses, this be not send forth to him intentionally of, but the existence of this mountain peak outwardly spread of a kind of invisible Wei presses.The title looking at this mountain peaks, the felling in the fatty heart is more strong, he almost can affirm, oneself thing that need to be taken back is exactly in this mountain peak, also explained at the same time, he will soon face of, will be a head of real strenght difficult to know night monster.Night monster, the legend has been already existed when the night boundary forms, don’t understand its background, the real strenght hat that can know a night monster unique night boundary, ever the next generation ghost the Yue Xin tried to kill it, but Gu body one person intruded into among this forbidden ground.At that time of a fight astounding, the whole night field ground rocked for livelong seven days, from in spread of bellowed to spread the whole night boundary more, even fixed for a little bit more profound of, can still just this bellow pleasing to listener arrive one silk if the wild beast sends out of the Si roars.When the eighth day of time, the Yue Xin comes out from the forbidden ground, complexion dark, the soul body is also some to defeat and dispersed, come out still without intermission from the body inside have a ghost dollar to come out, the dissipation became ghost spirit in the sky.That fights, don’t know victory or defeat, but many people all guess to conclude a fruit unclearly, although don’t speak, mostly the heart know that the belly is clear.And this also became night well-known”secret” inside the boundary.The fatty returned to be just a ghost in those early years state king, that resounded through the whole night boundary of bellowed a close ear to once hear, also heard that mix up in the middle of bellowing of the Si roars.Start to remember those early years,

start to remember that if have if the Si havingnike air jordan 5 no roars, he still clearly remembers that he hears for the first time this Si roared, the soul body unexpectedly had the big scope defeats and disperseds, the ghost dollar inside the body was free from a control of run off, know he have already come to a ghost highest point king at that time, almost can exceed into the territory of ghost emperor, but this kind of fixs in order to is already almost invincible existence in the night boundary, can even if so still the fatty body suffer from severely wounded.At the beginning he if not that closing oneself’s all sense organses in time and otherwise listenned to more that Si roar where fear a kind, he meeting thoroughly the soul body collapse but die.And this Si roared to also become fatty’s an evil-foreboding dream, if can of words he forever also not want into among the forbidden ground of this night monster place.But at present of he is already expensive to ignore for ghost emperor, ability being more big, responsibility also more big, he canning neglect his own living, but the life and death of 10,0<0,00= psyches inside the night boundary, but he canning not.For rescuing this night boundary that heads for perdition down, what he cans make, can crustily the skin of head come.Didn’t know to fly as well over long, his front is thoroughly filled the air by black fog, all of these are the ghost spirit that has already bordered on to liquefy, and it is regardless pure degree still a density, not all what night boundary anyplace can compare.However when the fatty doesn’t stop to gobble up these ghost spirits, it lets to fix ownly for slowly attain a highest point, suddenly have a huge pressure from the sky but decline, abruptly impeded the fatty’s body form.Fatty eye pupil constringency, press down in this Wei, the body involuntarily stopped down.”Killed six Huang monsters, collected six soul beads, among them, the last is also ten thousand years the good thing of, enough you use several thousand years, you should also satisfy.I don’t kill you and take advantage o to hurriedly leave now.”One was full of dignity voice from ring out on all sides, only is a voice, make the fatty have the felling that a kind of soul body defeats and disperseds.Although what that voice spreads is person’s words, but he immediately listenned to this is the voice of that night monster, after all this voice tied up to round him for numerous years and became his nightmare more.The fatty is strong to press down heart to spread of fear, the clear voice says”at under Hao sun, pay a courtesy call on adult.But this Hao sun come, not for the sake of these soul beads.Think necessarily the adult has been already understood as well, the night boundary sky appears huge hole, the origin of night boundary, the dint of the soul also quickly runs off, at present our 5 people with don’t think after.Consequently especially come to take back in those early years generation ghost left behind at the adult here of mixed a dollar bead, made up the hole of sky with the power of this bead, also hoped adult to help.”Was silent a short moment, the voice of night monster again rings out” mixs a dollar bead still some use is not likely to give to me you,

however the soul bead in the your hand can keepair jordan 4 a strategies operation for ten thousand years, I will again send you six soul beads after ten thousand years and be regarded as in those early years sincerely Chen that guy mixed a dollar bead for me of a kind of return to gift.”The Hao sun has some to worriedly say” adult, the hole is more and more big, have already outrun the scope that the strategies can crack down on at present, night boundary a great deal of soul dint passes, the psyche of night boundary is precarious, adult how can for the sake of the personal personal desires, but monopolize mix a dollar bead.Still invite adult to greatly deliver mercy, will mix a dollar bead to hand over to me etc., use to the hole of making up the sky.”"Hum, mixing a dollar bead is in those early years sincerely Chen lost while making a bet with me to mine, and once promised to take place no matter what affairs couldn’t want a time, besides at present sincerely Chen disappear for several years, this mix a dollar bead is already me of the thing of privately owned, you with what make me hand over to you?”The night monster obviously has already had some don’t bear, the voice talking is tiny to enlarge, such as the roll of thunder is in the Hao sun around bomb ring, that the impact wave appearing without basis let Hao sun as if one within strong breeze remnants leaf, can be torn to pieces by the breeze at any time.The body that the Hao sun is strong to endure from the soul spreads of acute pain, remain a bitter in taste and whirling way”adult, it has been numerous years since you lived in the night boundary, this night boundary can call up is the home town of adult, at present night boundary danger may come any time, adult does the really unfeeling night boundary alignment reply to put out?Adult ……”"don’t say again enough.I give you an opportunity now and immediately roll, otherwise rest to blame me to you Don’t mention it!”Just fell along with the words sound of night monster, the sky declined the next pressure larger, let the body of Hao sun abruptly of next sank ten Zhangs.The soul body of Hao sun contained the evidence to defeat and dispersed, his complexion distorted, but abruptly stop next next sink of body, and this also causes one regiment ash fog is from his body inside spew out, as if the blood is general, fill the air in his surroundings.The Hao sun eyes is red, all over shiver, but still keep insisting saying”adult, also invite adult to see in those early years sincerely adult Chen’s face up, help night boundary this time, I the Hao sun begged you.”Say he in the sky knelt down.The man knee bottom contains gold, Hao sun is also in addition to doing obeisance parents while was living, whole life never double knee knelt down, but at present, for the sake of the night boundary, for the sake of the home town that lived numerous yearses, he willing kneels down.But, his kowtow to change come of isn’t an understanding, just stronger Wei presses and lets him keeps that postures and again descends 30 Zhangs, while his soul body have already appeared to collapse as well of trace, a great deal of of the ghost dollar is from the body inside spew out, let the pallor that his complexion more adds.”Adult, also please see on the face of this morning’s adult, see on the of night boundary 10,0<0,00= psyches, ask adult to greatly deliver mercy.

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