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“The Zheng Zheng looking at the sky, cheap air jordans didn’t realize mistake how long as well, only the Gu month returns to absolute being and again saw one at present square and sighed tone and turned round to leave, but didn’t return to 31 F, but sought a group of islands, crossed legs to sit down, started self-discipline.……In the night boundary, there is one mountain range, cover several 100,000 in, the inside ghost annoys heavy, the resources is more abundant, such as the night Yin stone mineral vein this kind of large mineral vein is also everywhere it is thus clear that.Being this originally should drive everyone influence the treasure ground of Ji Yu, but be listed as forbidden ground.The reason has no him, because here am the paradise of soul monster, various strong soul monster is numerous, is also feel a don’t belong to a soul monster of strong soul dint motion, these undulate, belonging to a Huang monster.Then can coagulate soul bead after coming to an a Huang monster, this also means leaping of their real strenght a kind of quality.A head of Huang monster has already owned certain absolute being to know, can occupy one square in this mountain range and becomes the Ba of one crumb mountain range each time.Among them real strenght’s Huang monster in ghost king early state, can occupy in the mountain range outer circle, the amount is also the most, and comes to a the Huang monster of ghost middle king’s state, then cans go deep into mountain range 1,000 in, however this is already also the extreme limit.As for queen Gui expects with the Huang monster of peak state, then can go deep into mountain range 2,000 insides, only is these Huang monsters, is already not small strength.But those go deep into 2,000 insides in of mountain range, then the real strenght occupies in the Huangs monsters of ghost emperor state, it is said that own fully having of real strenght of kneel more than 30s here, certainly is to isn’t a true nobody to understand, because of up to now all the nobody can break the protection net of the monster of outer circle Huang.But this day, mountain range sky be listed as into here, along with space a burst of distortion, from in came out a fatty, his arrival didn’t arouse the attention of Huang monster under, directly stepped an one step after appearing, the body turned to make to together and falsely copy, such as demon’s sort thorough the mountain range stretched out and soon crossed 2,000 inside, at get into is ghost emperor state of Huang monster territory.The fatty looking at under, imitate Buddha boundary there general, root any nonexistent soul monster, connect Huang monster like don’t dare to close to generally, from a distance stay away this invisible of boundary.Take back vision, re- see stretch out to the mountain range, in his eyes road firmness, no longer hesitate, a feet step and crossed that the boundary of the invisible.Moment, the fatty feels that his/her own body is immediately known by about ten strong absolute being to target, it lets he that feet that raise again put down.Know judgment from these absolute being, these none the exception is all Huang monster of ghost emperor early state, this returns just most outer circle, fatty not know thorough the mountain range also meet how much this real strenght of Huang monster, although before have already worked well mental state preparation, but truely arrive at here at present, feel peeping out wry smile on that those more than ten absolute being know and target, or let his face.If his real strenght is placed in a highest point, probably can also not care these more than ten absolute being to know to target, even these ghost emperor early Huang monster the basic imperceptibility arrive his existence, unfortunately managing of several ten thousand yearses strategies,

he has been being placed in weak in the middle, air jordan shoes even if there is the accomplishment in half year in the night absolute being city, real strenght also just resume not arrive 2/3 is just.Can never so, he the task this time basically permit not get he has any step of being hesitant, again raising, the one step exceeded to pass by.Stretch out from the mountain range of that utter darkness almost and in a twinkling, spread the Si roaring cry of being full of the threat.?, Chapter 217 forbidden ground(bottom) went deep into about 1,000 insides, fatty first what to meet is a huge a head of wolf, this huge wolf horizontal column before the body, the fatty sends forth a strong soul dint motion, that is the strong motion that belongs to a ghost emperor, this motion puts in the night boundary and is good enough to let all night boundaries to living to work properly to shiver.Because what this breathing represents is a ghost emperor, and then the ghost emperor is already Gao Gao in the last existence, even be called that it dominates for night boundary.Though the intelligent of this huge wolf isn’t very awake, however can here go deep into 3,000 in of the mountain range exist and also make him feel matchless and proud of, but this is proud of to come from his real strenght.Unfortunately he meets this time of is a fatty, even if his real strenght only have golden age 2/3, but isn’t this either only ghost emperor the huge wolf could intercept in the early years.”Step aside.”Equanimity of words, speak from the fatty, listen to huge wolf ear over there in, imitate Buddha lightning flash deep-fried ring, let huge wolf whole body an earthquake, the Mao Mao Mao retreats a several, originally is full of eyes of being fierce to the Yan drive thick thickly fear to fill the air.The fatty looking at huge wolf to has no such as own words step aside, the facial expression more adds dark, Mi wear of eyes are tiny to open whole, a Jing long grass flash across, a far far above the soul dint of the huge wolf motion proliferation.This motion was such as to hurtle Kua a while the mental defense line in the huge wolf heart, make the huge wolf a sad cry, soul body unexpectedly tiny distortion, lie prone at ground up.The fatty didn’t kill this huge wolf, he had to keep real strenght now, even if kill this huge wolf to just make moves at a time to him, can he but connect this time make moves don’t think as well the ghost dollar of depletion wasted.Have no and continue to realize huge wolf, fatty’s body again in a flash, in a twinkling cross huge wolf, toward deeper place of mountain range fly pass by.This all the way he totally ran into four Huang monsters, three among them make him pass smoothly, but just the fourth Huang monster isn’t understand the changes of the time, only is a ghost emperor in the early years peak state, became simply don’t step aside road, let the fatty use three interest time thoroughly exterminated he/she, conveniently took soul bead.Although the soul bead of soul monster contains of the soul dint is mixed, can not absorb,can used for among the strategies, make their pressures more or less will reduce some.Went deep into ten thousand in behind, filling the air of surroundings heavy ghost spirit, and fatty also Don’t mention it, immediately start absorbing, with his ghost emperor’s real strenght, these ghost spirit although is heavy,also can not stand his milli- immoderation of gobble up, only is a tea time,

surroundings of the ghost spirit then become air jordan 3 abnormality thin and diluted.May be the Huang monster that this action of his asked for Nu to control this district, immediately 1 was full of to cut up rough, and contained a thinking of warning, obviously the Huang here real strenght of monster to fatty still has to definitely be afraid of and hopes to pass to roar to make the fatty retreat in the face of difficulties.If put in the peacetime, the fatty in no case will want to fight with real strenght strong Huang monster as well, unfortunately current of he is already a body not from F, dark sighed 1, faced upward to send out a was full of to challenge of roar a voice.Immediately, a strong breeze gobbles up since then, that breeze is black, in contain of ghost dollar even if is a fatty don’t dare as well small Qu, the hands quickly knead to set out to feel before body, forward on pushing, ripple along with the ripple, the shield in a black appears at his before the body.Because a voice blows up a voice, fatty the shield before the body Be immediately ground to split, and that black strong breeze also immediately dissipation.When the black shield disappears, when the fatty’s view re- visits pure front leave him distance don’t don’t know when to appear a head of Huang monster.This Huang monster owns a lion head, tiger body, leopard tail, the Zong hair calm auto in black, brown of was full of exasperation in eyes, sharp tiger claw is also in the sky and lightly on rowing, along with a sharp jangle, the space appeared black fracture.The fatty looking at this Huang monster, the eye pupil is tiny to shrink, doesn’t hestitate of knead a method Jue, immediately came out in great quantities black spirit from his body, a whirlpool destroyed his figure, when whirlpool again spread go to, put on on the fatty body the battle armor in a black, the left hand takes a side to almost wait the black shield of Gao with him and up engraves an in great quantities complicated sign text, a way quickly passing time gleams on the shield veins, the right hand takes a cut yataghan, knife body and haft Hun however integral whole, don’t know as well from what material refine but become, just just appeared to become an algidity to fill the air.Fatty slowly hand in of cut a yataghan to raise, keep a Huang monster, be full of the dignity voice sends out from his”I know that you understand my words.You can the self-discipline arrive to fix at present for, necessarily after a lot of distresses.The purpose that I come this time isn’t for fighting with you.If you can step aside, I can’t make it lively for you, either.But if you insist on and block me, I also have to cut you at my cut a yataghan under.”The voice bombs, don’t stop to resound on all sides here, is also come out all vehemence display inside his body, hope to let this Huang monster retreat in the face of difficulties with this.If he says to think, is hearing the fatty’s words, is feeling from the vehemence that he sends forth on the body, had one silk in that Huang monster eyes it’s hesitant, the body was also a hereafter backing of the subconscious one step, obviously such as fatty say, want to step aside.But haven’t waited a Huang monster to thoroughly step aside, the soul body suddenly sends forth a motion, this isn’t this Huang monster intentionally but BE, but when this soul dint motion spreads out, in that Huang monster eyes of pure thoroughly disappear clearly, leave of only love the red long grass of blood.The step of that countermarch is tiny, immediately after bellow along with one, suddenly turn to make a quickly passing time to quickly fly toward the fatty.

Ruthlessly bump shot at the fatty’s shield up, nike air jordan 2 along with an astounding voice, formed a together very thick light film in the shield surface, if cautiously see, then will discover these light films from numerouses closely of sign text composing.Bump shot in this Huang monster at the moment under, although have a great deal of sign text ground crack,immediately have a great deal of new sign text to fly from the shield surface, integrate into a light act, make light the act didn’t appear fracture.The fatty is motionless like mountain, lightly draw apart shield, looking at mountain range deep place, the low voice says”do not hesitate to also want to obstruct me thus?”After the fatty finished saying this sentence, one roars and shouts again to send out from the flank, sees a Huang monster that huge tiger claw trail an usually cold long grass, the layer after layer shot beats at shield up, send forth a voice that metal rubs.The fatty takes back vision and looking at to roar medium again try the Huang monster of launching the attack, cut a yataghan to raise an overdo crest in the hand, immediately have in great quantities black spirit to fill the air, connect circumferential of ghost the spirit be also in great quantities absorbed to pull to come over, at his change magically above constitute to°from numerous dry skeletons of ten million battalions.These battalions imitate the Buddha is from the endless soundly asleep wake up, just started a lot of dry skeleton eye sockets empty, however soon along with a way green will-o’-the-wisp combustion, imitated a Buddha get a freshman general, immediately looked up at sky send out a hoarse roar.That Huang monster didn’t care ten million dry skeleton battalions that the sky changes magically, Zhang Kou roared a , the Zong hair of Bo neck violently trembles and spreads along with the violent soul dint motion and makes that Zong hair unexpectedly become a way flame.The flame spreads toward the all directions and soon overalied surrounding 100 meters, the billowing heat wave spreads, only those heat waves all are from the shield started to support of the light act impede in the outside, can not to the fatty constitute the slightest of threat.The real strenght of original this Huang monster not equal to fatty, and its intelligent is in fact abruptly wiped out, let more the dint greatly give discount, use at present of attack means all with lend instinct, having no the technique can talk, this can not even bring any injury to fatty.The fatty has never continued to the Huang monster again the opportunity for attackstoning, cut a yataghan to separate in the hand empty cut toward Huang monster one knife bottom, those dry skeleton battalions immediately send out excited the Si roars and make threatening gestures of toward the Huang monster spreads pass by.The Huang monster also nowise shows weak, roar a , the sound wave turns to make ripples proliferation, that most the dry skeleton of front immediately bomb however defeat and dispersed and turn to make black spirit drive other dry skeleton absorptions, those absorb other dry skeletons turn of the green flame in the dry skeletons eyeses immediately increased 1:00, send forth on the body of the vehemences also increased some.So after exterminating near white dry skeleton, the dry skeleton battalion has of the green flame in the dry skeleton eyes assume a blue unclearly, while these dry skeletons send forth the breathing of to compare other dry skeletons to have to be much strong, and don’t know when to unexpectedly grasp a bone substance long-handled sword to, in these rear of the dry skeleton, direct dry skeleton battalion in the hand.

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