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Tasty Noodles And More On The Menu From The Most Authentic Restaurant

Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Twin Cities will provide you with healthy and tasty food at reasonable prices. If you are willing to try out exquisite cuisines of east with all their flavors and taste, then simply visit the website of one of the authorities in Chinese Spicy food in Twin cities.


Mouthwatering items on the menu card include the following:

Rice noodles – Seafood, pickled vegetable with pork intestine, braised beef, braised pork ribs

Noodle soup – Similar as above as well as minced pork, stewed chicken with bone etc.

Sliced noodles – Minced pork sauce and other sauce.

Fried Rice or Lo mien – You may select among chicken, BBQ pork, shrimp, beef or combo.

Vegetables and Tofu – Kung Pao Tofu, Fish flavor eggplants, green beans.

Sea food – different flavors of shrimp.

You can choose among beef, pork and chicken preparations.

Grand Cuisine Hours:

If you would like to visit a restaurant to enjoy some quality time with your family over great food, then simply make a note of the restaurant hours to avoid any disappointment. Generally working hours start at 11 am on Weekdays and is open till 9pm (with a short break of one and a half hours, sometimes midday.) On Friday the restaurant operate from 11am till 10 pm to accommodate start of weekend celebrations. Almost similar routine may be followed on the weekends as well.

Online ordering system:

Does going down to the restaurant a problem for you? Now that should not deter you from enjoying fine taste of food. Simply register yourself at the online restaurant to place an online order. You may be entitled to receive several benefits when you register yourself. These may include Coupon or promotional prices etc.

Process of online ordering:

You choose the city, the menu and then the menu items. You will be provided with the menu card with prices and may add to your cart. Then place the order and make the payment.

Those looking for Szechuan food in twin cities will be delighted to find premium quality food at convenient locations. If you want to enjoy your food from the comfort of your home, then you can simply place the online order of the items of your choice. So, whatever may be your preferred location, whichever city, simply enjoy great food at pocket friendly cost.

Even if you visit the store for several times, you will find new items to check out; such is the variety of the palate on offer.

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