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Sardinia as a place of literary inspiration

Sardinia is a region of romance and beautiful landscapes, fascinating people and ancient traditions: the perfect recipe for a novel or a poem. If you are buying Sardinia real estate, then why not get yourself in the mood for the land and its way of life by enjoying one of the many works of literature that have been inspired by Sardinia? See Sardinia through the eyes of writers and poets, and you are sure to become excited to purchase property and move there.

For an English language tale about Sardinia, read the novellist and poet DH Lawrence’s work ‘Sea and Sardinia’. Lawrence is famous for his gorgeous descriptions of nature and vibrant, modern themes. Lawrence travelled extensively around Europe, and ‘Sea and Sardinia’ is a unique text. Part luscious ode to the wonders of this region of the world, part practical travel guide, it is the ideal book for everyone thinking of moving to Sardinia. Remember, though, that it was written back in 1921, so there is much more to discover in Sardinia nowadays!

When it comes to novellists and poets who are or were native to Sardinia, there are almost too many to name! For the last three decades or so, Sardinia has been at the centre of a literary reawakening, known as the ‘Sardinian Literary Spring’. The Literary Spring has generated some amazing works of literature, and whether you read them in the original language or in translation, Salvatore Niffoi, Michela Murgia, Alberto Capitta, and Giorgio Todde, and other contemporary writers involved in the Sardinian Literary Spring are well worth a read. These writers tend to take Sardinia as a theme, and their sun drenched novels are a great introduction to the land.

Sardinia is a very linguistically rich region, as inhabitants can speak both Italian and the ancient Sicilian dialect. Many poets have chosen to write in this dialect, to keep the old Sardinian traditions alive. Sebastiano Satta is perhaps the most famous native poet to write in Sardinian, and his works are available in English translation if you have not mastered the dialect yourself! If you wish to explore the poetry of native Sardinians, and poetry about Sardinia, further, be sure to check out the volume of poetry ‘Minorities not Minority: Poems from Sardinia’ edited by Michele Pinna. This parallel text book presents the poems in their original Sardinian or Italian alongside an English translation – great for getting a flavour of the poetry of Sardinia.

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