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Strangest possessions of storage units

Storage spaces are used by people to keep their belongings which they cannot stock up in their homes. These spaces are owned by common man and celebrities as well to store their possessions. Have you ever imagined what all could be stored up in these storage spaces.

1.  Granny’s obsession: We all love our grandparents and don’t want to ever live apart from them. But a family from Florida took it literally and stored their grandmother’s body for 17 years in a storage space. The family was notified by the owner of storage unit owner about auctioning due to non payment of rentals. To the owner’s surprise, the family reported that the storage unit couldn’t be sold as it stored a relative’s body.

2. Hand held grenade: Storage units can have strange things but not harmful. But that proved wrong, when a man in Michigan found live hand grenade in a storage unit he purchased in auction.

3. Michael Jackson tunes:   In a storage unit owned his father Joe Jackson, over 250 tunes were found. Some of these tunes were recorded with Tina Turner and do not belong to any music label.

4. Aretha Franklin’s wardrobe: After a fire at Aretha Franklin’s house, she kept a large part of her clothes and hats at a Michigan storage unit.

5. Burt Reynolds’ belongings: In Burt Reynolds’ storage unit, many usual belongings were uncovered. He kept a Roy Roger’s Horse Trigger, a 1972 movie Deliverance canoe to name a few. A framed letter belonging from his doctor for a 1955 surgery for his spleen were some of the possessions that formed the Ketsichy Celebrity Museum in Florida.

6. Rare car collection:  A rare Bugatti 57S was found in an English storage unit. The car was untouched for almost 50 years and found in good condition. The car was owned by a surgeon, Harold Carr who stored the car after purchasing it.

7. Nicolas cage comic book: Nicolas Cage is a celebrity known his extravagant spending. In 2000, an Action Comics #1 book was stolen from his house. This 1938 classic was the first Action Comics volume with superman’s appearance.  After many years, it was found in a storage unit by a man who made sure that it reaches his original owner.

So, if any time you buy a storage unit at throwaway price don’t be surprised if you become a millionaire the next day.

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