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Anime And Manga.

Commentary on anime and manga.

Ok guys this is my first post and i would like to speak about the ever increasing popularity of anime and manga so i do accept that i am a anime and manga fan but who doesn’t get hooked on to it after you try it out .

Ok so i do agree that the parent and some of your friends might make fun of you in the beginning but still its addictive and it fun you know.

Its like when all the anime fans and manga fans wath it they call yo a neet or a shut in but when they watch news channels and soap opera on a daily basis its just usual and there is no fault in that ,it is this perspective that has to change as every human being has got his or her rights to follow whatever passion and hobbies the like still its like even if we explain to them its not cartoon but anime they are like stop watching cartoon and go study,ok i agree its animated and can be really captivating and we might loose track of our time but you have got to agree its really fun you know.

k guys i am keeping short my post and just ending it here better to take my leave before it gets out of my hand right so cya……

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