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Practical tips for sending flowers

We all send flowers every now and then to our friends, colleagues, business associates, spouse, parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, and cousins. Flowers make the perfect gift for almost every occasion. They symbolize multitude of emotions and feelings. Whether you want to convey your happiness or you want to let someone know that you care for him or you wish to express your grief and support in times of death of a loved one, you can say everything with flowers. Flowers take our message of love, care, concern, sympathy, and joy to our near and dear ones and tell them how much and what we think about them.

But when sending flowers, one must keep a few important things in mind, such as the purpose or occasion of sending flowers, the relationship that one shares with the recipient, the personal choice of the recipient, and the meaning and symbolism of the flowers. If these things are kept in mind, one can never go wrong in sending flowers to someone.


When sending flowers, always know the purpose or occasion. Is it a birthday? A wedding anniversary? Or birth of a baby? Or has your colleague got promotion or has someone in the family bought a new home? Buy the flowers that best suit the occasion. Roses are appropriate for anniversaries and weddings as they symbolize love, passion, and romance. You can also send roses on Valentine’s Day as it is considered to be the classical flower of love and romance.


It is important to bear in mind the relationship that you share with the recipient. Depending on whether the recipient is a friend or a boss, you should go for a casual or a formal floral arrangement. If the recipient is your mother, you must send flowers that convey warmth and motherly affection such as carnations. For your spouse, you must send flowers with romantic connotation. Flowers that convey care, concern, appreciation, and companionship can also be send to your husband or wife on birthdays and anniversaries.

Flower meaning and symbolism

The Victorians believed that each and every flower has a particular meaning. Before sending flowers, you must know their hidden meaning so that you are able to convey your feelings and emotions correctly. Sending a wrong flower can create drift between you and the recipient and can spoil your relationship too. Know what each flower and each flower color means before sending them across.

Personal choice

You just can’t ignore this when sending flowers to a loved one. If the recipient loves roses, there is no point sending a bouquet of lilies. If you want to bring a big smile to her face, send her what she loves. She would appreciate the gift of flowers even more if you give her personal favorites. She would appreciate the fact that you are aware of her personal choices and would accept the gift sincerely.

When ordering flowers for delivery, or using international flower delivery service, just keep the above tips in mind and spread joy and happiness into the life of your loved ones.

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