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How Secure Is Your Corporate Facility

Do you ever wonder if your business is as secure as it should be? Whether you have a massive corporate structure or you have a small business trying to stand on its own two feet, you owe it to your business to make sure your security needs are covered now and as we enter new and uncharted security territory.

Gone are the days when businesses needed little more than security cameras on the property in order to frighten off thieves and other criminals at the gate. Today’s criminals, fueled by giant leaps in modern technology, are getting smarter about how they go about committing their crimes.

That’s why you need someone handling your corporate security interest who knows the tactics and technologies criminals are using today to commit their crimes. Local law enforcement officers will have fingers on the pulse of what’s going on, crime-wise, in the community.

They can help you plan security for your corporate facilities designed to keep criminals at bay today and well into the future. These are just a few of the ways they can help.

After Hour Patrols of Your Business Site
Many crimes against businesses happen during hours when no one is onsite. Law enforcement officers can provide routine patrols of your business site after hours. This will help deter some criminal activity and increase the odds of criminals being caught in the act.

Personal Protection for Executives
Your executives are the faces and names of your business. They also often carry top trade secrets around with them, making them attractive targets for competitors or people interested in ransoming them.

Security is a major concern and one that should not be trusted to people who do not have the training and experience to provide outstanding personal protection for the people your business would be lost without.

Safety Escorts for Employees
This is especially comforting for employees who make large bank deposits or who do shift work requiring them to enter dark parking lots at late hours. It’s a courtesy you can provide your employees with that will earn their loyalty and commitment to the business in return.

Security System and Alarm Responses
When alarms are tripped, for whatever reason, you want to make sure you have someone who is qualified to respond on the other end of the emergency call. You don’t want someone who will likely panic, or worse, overreact to the situation, exposing your business to potential liability risks.

Law enforcement officers know how to remain calm when situations heat up. That’s who you want responding to the alarm when your business is at stake.

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