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Hookah Like Never Before [Infographic]

Any party is incomplete without a Hookah and its intoxicating flavour. Hookah was initially invented in India. But as its popularity spread, as a part of the Arabia social culture in Middle East. It was used to symbol to invite someone in social gatherings. There are many flavours for Hookah and each one of them has a unique and tantalizing flavour. Ask any person who is a Hookah lover, and they will tell you about their favourite flavour.

Some of the most famous flavours are double apple, mint, bubble gum, blueberry muffin, mango, orange, grape, peach, vanilla, lemon mint and watermelon. Each of these flavours is grandeur in themselves with a beguiling taste. If you taste double apple, you will have a dense smoke and it will savour like eating delicious sweet juicy apples. Mint is another flavour to die for if you want to try a hookah for the first time. It is one of the most rejuvenating and refreshing flavours of all. It tastes chill and breezy if taken with rose water and ice base.

This infographic aims at helping individuals known the various flavours of hookah and how it feels when you try it for the first time.

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