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Challenges and Prospects in Today’s Public Relations

World is changing at the speed of light, but there are many organizations still trapped in the conventional PR structure for marketing and PR development. Yes, it is absolutely true that press interaction play a crucial part in effective PR propositions, but it is not the be all and end all of PR in the contemporary competition. Those who are identifying changes are benefitting from the changed PR designs in the digital age. PR in the present digital age is much more than press interaction where public networking and material marketing are the most highly effective weaponry along with create and digital press. Somehow marketing too is affected by contemporary PR designs in the present age and PR exceeded the marketing as it is getting more and more entertaining every new day.

PR produces transformation rate 10 to 50 times that of marketing.”- As per study performed by AirPR. Reliability issues more than periodic buzzes and to maintain beat public networking and cellular are the best channels to keep one’s existence in existence. Those who want to endure in the market can no longer neglect the energy of internet, especially the public networking. Driven by the amazing material, public networking nowadays is capable to turn mundane product into a lively product. One can understand the influence of public relations by the increasing reputation of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” in the social media.

Gone are those days when PR was completely reliant on press interaction and press announcements were the only brand building tools of PR. The new design of PR is equipped with right weaponry of public networking and cellular apps such as weblogs, on the internet boards, conversations on the internet, video produces and many. The contemporary PR design has updated the conventional approach and at last, only the fittest will endure.

“Integrity represents strength, synchronisation and solidarity in purpose. PR in 2014 and beyond is going towards the reliability of create, digital and digital press. there should a strong relationship in all types of PR activities, whether it is marketing on public networking or participation of a product in an display, coverage and marketing material must be consistent in significance and substance. On the other hand there should be significant participation of different divisions of the company in fuelling a PR strategy. In this era, identification is more important than name and image is more effective than identity, those who know the art of using different media for PR may benefit from the fruits of PR in 2014 and beyond.” – Geeta Singh, PR Head- The Yellow Coin Communication(TYCC).

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