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The sword of truth

What is truth if not like a sword that is refined by fire to rid it of impurities, hammered until straight and true, polished until it reflects the light, then giving an edge that will cut away the lies and penetrate into the heart and soul of mankind? The truth you can say is a double edge sword, cutting two different ways at the same time, taking on somewhat of an elusive behavior. Wheeling the sword of truth doesn’t always produce the results that you would think or maybe I should say the results that you expect or want. It appears truth is neither positive nor negative, neither good or bad. The best way to describe truth is accuracy or something that has really occurred. Many who have wheeled the sword of truth, ended up very disappointed, thinking they had truth on their side, only to find out that truth ended up teaching them hard available lesson. Most people without even realizing it convince themselves that their understanding of things is the right one. Believing in their heart they have truth on their side with all the right answers. They convince themselves they are right, but in reality they are deceiving themselves without even knowing it. While one edge of the sword is cutting away at the real truth the other side of the blade is cutting away at the false reality that was created. We filter through our own minds, what we perceive truth to be. But what we think is truth may not be the true reality.
What is truth? It all depends upon who you ask I suppose. To me truth is exact accuracy, not some conceived version of accuracy. There is only one truth, not different version of the same truth, there are only different levels of acceptance within your own mind. Believing in something, having faith in something, convinced in something or the testimony about something is not always truth. How many times have you heard someone say “well I believe it to be true” The fact that you believe it to be true, does not make it true. Truth is tested by facts, not by the testimony of man. Just like the sword it’s refined by fire and beaten to rid it of impurities with the end result being straight and true. When seeking the true you must ask questions until the true facts are exposed. If the facts aren’t known the only thing you can say is “I don’t know”. There is nothing wrong with saying you don’t know when you truly don’t know.
So can people be deceived and talked into believing in a false truth? Oh yes they can! There are two different kinds of deceptions; those people who deceive themselves and those who deceive others. Those who deceive others may already be deceived themselves, in fact they may truly believe it’s the truth; but as I already said believing is something does not make it true or make it a fact. Some people clearly know what they are saying isn’t the truth, but clearly take advantage of the fact people will only acceptance what they want. Things like hate, faith, fear and love seem to blind us from seeking the real true; ever hear love is blind? Or Blinded by hate? People are more than willing to accept a non truth because it tickles their ears and it agrees with their thinking. This is a fact as old as the hills. The real funny thing is most people rate themselves as to smart to fall for any deception or false truth. But once you convince yourself that you’re too smart to be fooled; it’s all over! You now fall into the list of people that think they can never be deceived and therefore will be deceive.
If you need a good example of people being deceive just look at politics. Politician’s often tell lies or more often half truths to get votes. The funny thing is most people know Politician’s lie to get vote. But because of human behavior we often believe the rigmarole that comes out of the Politician’s mouth. People not only are willing to believe the lies but talk themselves into looking the other way just to support their Politician. How many times has this happened down through history? People are usually disappointed in the long haul of coarse when the sword of truth swings around and they find out the promises that were made won’t come true. A Politician lie is to promises you a better way of life for the purpose of getting votes, be elected, and reelected and control. Oddly enough lying is a part of human behavior used defensive or offensively to gain advantage. Lying is so much a part of human behavior we even have built lie detectors in our behaviors that can detect eye movement facial expressions and body movements that reveals lies.
Does all this mean politics is nothing but lies? No not at all, the fact truth is always present. The reason for the lies is because truth is present; the idea is to conceal the truth covering it with a shroud of lies to blind us. Remember Truth is accuracy and fact, nothing short of that. A person’s actions should always follow and match their words. If a person says one thing but does another, you know the truth is not in them. As history shows there will always be people wanting to know the truth, always be people that chisel away at the rhetoric and lies to slowly reveal at least enough truth to see the light of day. The power of truth always comes to light in time, it never stays hidden. People come and go but truth always is and always will be.
Religion is another one of those examples where people tell false truths and deceptions. Flock to like a magnet. It’s not any particular religion to speak of, it’s all religions. People want to believe so hard, that anybody wearing the right religious garments must be telling the truth. But to tell you the truth, it’s easy for those who have only self interests in mind to slip into the ranks as a sheep in wolves clothing they have been doing it for thousands of years. They can slip in because they know an ancient secret; that people are quite gullible at times, and are quick to believe in something if it seems to be in there best interest. But despite the fact that most everybody has heard this common teaching about “sheep in wolves clothing” people still find in difficult to question some of the things that are being said or done by religious leaders. People need to ask themselves the question, Is it the truth you seek or the comfort in knowing you are with a group of people that think alike content with the thought that truth is on their side. Just because you have a bible in your hand, jump up and down, and shout out quotes from the good book doesn’t make you a truthful person. Even people trying to deceive others tell the truth now and then if it helps sway people.
I never said it would be easy looking at the sword of truth. In some cases it might be the hardest thing that anyone ever has done. But as the sword of truth cuts, one edge exposes the lies and false truths, while on the other side exposing the real truth with exactness and accuracy with power beyond comprehension. For real truth has the power to start wars or to end wars, to heal people’s hearts or to rip them out. It’s has the power to ease the mind of mankind or to bring it to its knees. Truth is always is straight and unswerving, true and accurate. It’s the minds of man that bend and twist the truth to control the people around them. People that support falsehoods, always try to keep others off balance with blame or lies to divert your action away from the truth. They don’t want you asking questions that bring truth out of the darkness and into the light. For what other reason would you lie, if not for the sole purpose of miss leading yourself or others? The sword of truth is also shines like a mirror, when looking, it reflects your inner thoughts and most inner feelings; who has the courage to gaze into it such a sword.
I know it seems like I’m writing a lot about the negative side of the truth, but to understand the positive side of truth, you must first understand about negative side. Everywhere you find positive there will always be negative and everywhere there is negative the positive side of things will always finds its way through the darkness and into the light if you are willing. Through Truth there is always hope.

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