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We can’t separate digital media from the PR

Digital media equipped with Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and Social Media Optimisation(SMO) is an extension of Public Relations(PR) and it cannot be separated from the full fledged PR services. Public Relations is getting transformed with the development of technology and expansion of market in the information age powered by internet and digital media.

Many people thinks that PR is all about print media campaigns and coverage in TV channels, Cinema too up to an extent at higher level. They people perceive social media and SEO activities a part of digital marketing rather a segment of PR. The purpose of PR is visibility in the market and image makeover, SEO & SMO too have same purpose as they increase the visibility of a brand in the virtual world which accommodates billions of people of the physical world, means the same target audience which is getting more and more closer through the social media platforms. Those who love to see their brand’s name in top pages of the Google cannot ignore SEO anyhow.

Digital media is a platform where news and information can be disseminate in a faster and easiest manner, saving time and physical efforts. Through social media a marketer can directly communicate with the target audience and potential customers and can easily anticipate their needs and wants. “Digital media is an integrated part of PR alike print and electronic, in fact the emergence of digital media opened various new vistas for the PR and it completes the PR domain. All the reputed PR companies are providing a 360 degree PR packages comprising all forms of media, traditional as well as modern.” – Geeta Singh, Founder and MD of The Yellow Coin Communication(TYCC) Pvt.Ltd., New Delhi.

PR professionals in recent time are effectively merging the SEO and SMO with the traditional PR strategies, they are more innovative in sharing press releases, byline articles, blogs, interviews and even quotes. Sharing these creative content using SMO Services and improving their ranking with SEO activities diversified the ambit and gamut of the PR and a marketer can interact with a larger potential customer base. None can deny that SMO and SEO are also possible independently but its fruitful results can only be attained once we club them with PR, which is the mother of SEO and SMO. Alike PR, SEO too is evolving with the passage of time and nowadays SEO experts are also increasing the likes and talks about of a brand other than its own web pages. All in all, SEO and SMO are the integrated part of modern PR and exclusion of digital media cannot bring the desired results.

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