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Leverage your business with Linkedin

Have you ever thought, why Linkedin is known as the most mature social media channels for businesses and executives? The average age of Linkedin users is 41and 74 percent of them are graduates. Businessmen and corporate honchos too are active on Linkedin as almost 40 percent of the users come under high income group with an annual income of $100,000. Every third person in the world is available on this social media site which has an average of 200 conversions in one minute.

Linkedin is a more serious platform than other social media sites and that is why majority of working professionals and businesses prefer it over Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, sharing the link of these social media sites with your Linkedin page allow you to keep you updated about the social circles and new happenings. This way, a post on any one side can also be viewed on the others. One of the biggest advantage of Linkedin is that you can easily notice that who visited your page, if you find that the visit can be helpful to you then you can connect yourself with him/her.

“Right profile for the right channel should be the foremost strategy in promoting you and your organisation. Your profile should be well drafted, professionally written and effective enough to entice the visitors. The profile should contain all the essential information like your academic as well as professional qualifications, names of the alma matter, name of the city and address where you stay, name of your organisation, designation, total work experience in years. If you have any published work or case studies then don’t forget to share to this information on your page. A decent photograph of you taken at the workplace enhance your profile and makes it more professional.”- Geeta Singh, Founder & MD of The Yellow Coin Communication(TYCC)Pvt. Ltd.

Recommend your colleagues and connections and they reciprocate the same which will readily improve your ranking on the Linkedin. To take maximum advantage from the Linkedin follow various groups relevant to your work and profile and if you are good at communication then participation in various discussions is the most impressive way to increase your followers and visibility. Never hesitate to connect yourself with some new people every day and share with them some messages of the mutual interest. Linkedin helped a lot to leverage the businesses of social media savvy people in the internet age and it is considered as one of the most professional site to boost the profile of working professionals.

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