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Nike Kobe 10 shoes for detail look at

Last week we hit you with the first round of Nike Kobe 10 release dates, along with the news that the shoe will likely get its on-court debut during the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. nike free runs cheap This week, do we actually have our first look at the next Kobe Bryant signature model?

The shoe we see here today certainly reconciles easily enough with the details we’ve heard about the Nike Kobe 10: “X” on the outsole? Check. Lowtop design? Check. “Blue Lagoon” colorway? Uh . . . check, we think. Add in what appears to be Kobe’s preferred Zoom Air cushioning, cheap nike free runs as well as his logo on one heel and his Achilles-surgery stitches on the other, and this may just be Beef’s next shoe. Operative phrase being “may just be.”

So take it with a grain of salt today, as we seek further confirmation, and keep in mind that, if it’s a wear-test or some other early sample, big changes could be coming before it finds its way to retail. That being said, if this is the Nike Kobe X, is it a welcome addition to the canon of Kobe kicks?

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