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CRM Consultant – Customer Relationship Management Solution Perth

More and more we see the acronym CRM being bandied about in the business press, CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a hot topic. In the field, consultants have been asked what is the difference between CRM and Customer Service. From a purely semantic point of view – customer service could be defined as something which you do ‘to’ your customers, whereas Customer Relationship Management is what an organisation must do ‘with’ its customers.

With the stumbles towards progress in Perth’s own town management, it’s very encouraging to see leaps and bounds be made in other areas through harnessing Customer Relationship Management.

Some towns simply fail to thrive because of their economic insignificance and conditions such as high unemployment rates, or simply because they don’t have the appeal as a place to settle, live, and raise a family. A collection of small issues such as vandalism, poor trash collection, roadkill, and street gangs can quickly turn a good neighborhood into a hostile environment. The Borough of Newham in greater London, England is well aware of this, and is also why they took advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help transform itself for the better.

To combat these non-emergency issues as well as make Newham more welcoming towards new residents, the small, yet densely populated borough, has designed two apps based on Dynamics CRM. The first is the Love Newham app for Windows Phone, which gives citizens the ability to report any neighborhood issues and have the city council deal with the issues on the same day. The system works by sending resident-generated reports directly to a social workers in-vehicle tablet. Action can then be immediately taken.

“…Love Newham, a mobile app which citizens can use to report non-emergency problems in their neighborhood.“From trash collection to downed trees to vandalism, citizens can report the problem through the app and get a response in minutes and a quick resolution, usually the same day” – Kirsten Edmondson Wolfe, Microsoft’s Global Industry Director for the Public Sector.

The second app is the My Newham web app, which was designed to let residents easily manage government related activities online. So if they wanted to register property, vote, register their children for school, or pay for parking tickets for example, they now have a quick and efficient way to do so.

If you would like to know how you can improve your Customer Relationship Management strategy, processes and software and are interested in working with consultants that are local, guaranteed and deliver solutions that are simplified, you should get in contact now to book an obligation-free appointment at http://crmperth.com.au/contact-us/ and do a mail enquiry@CRMperth.com.au you can feel free to call us: (08) 6102 7284.

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