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Parajumpers brand inspired by the uniforms supplied to the 210th Rescue Squadron

The quality and attention used by Parajumpers have enabled the company to establish itself in the international luxury sector.


The reasons for the huge success of Parajumpers

One of the main reasons for the huge success for Parajumpers brand is a long and painstaking work carried out over the years by Paulon brothers. The two protagonists have made clothes characterized by a very high quality. They reached a considerably important role in the international clothing industry. The attention to details and the continuous search for innovative materials has enabled the company to achieve a wide range of clothes sought and refined. The models created were able to attract customers from all over the world, who continue to choose the brand for the quality and variety of models available.

Parajumpers FW 14/15

The fight against counterfeiting supported by Parajumpers

Parajumpers is one of the leading brands operating within the fashion industry; it is in the forefront in supporting the fight against counterfeiting. In order to get this aim, a special section dedicated entirely to the verification process has been created on the official website. Thanks to this section, one can verify with absolute certainty the authenticity of the garment by checking the website address where you intend to purchase the product; it gets an immediate result indicating if the clothes are either authenticity or false. To fight against counterfeiting items, a new website has been created. A person can identify where the clothes are from by checking the model number barcode in a database. The counterfeit items are very dangerous for people health. They are made with toxic and harmful components. This production is based on criminal intents, on the exploitation of child labor and criminal organizations.

For further information, visit the official website against counterfeiting created by Parajumpers.

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