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» New Duplicate Content Screening Measures on Snipsly

Hi Snipsly Users, As many of you know, Google has recently announced  algorithm changes which have impacted the way many sites, including Snipsly, perform in Google search engine results. Snipsly started off as a community meant to include everyone. From the mainstream to the fringe, we wanted to provide a platform for individuals to share Read More… »

» Topics That Earn

Introduction to Topics that Earn Including high CPC (cost-per-click) keywords in your writing can be extremely beneficial to making money and driving traffic to your posts. By using these types of keywords as a jumping off point for your articles and writing from a unique point of view (write something that hasn’t been done before!) Read More… »

» Snipsly Contest Week 2

We have added a “Contest” category in the categories list on the Add New Post page. Just click the Contest category as you are creating your post. It’s that easy!

» Notice: Kontera Advertising

Dear Snipsly Users, As Snipsly upgrades in both look and functionality, a number of changes will be occurring. Due to the strain that it places on our server, Snipsly will no longer be providing users the option of utilizing Kontera within their accounts. We understand that this may come as a point of frustration for Read More… »

» Snipsly Contest Information

We’re holding another contest and this time it’s bigger than ever! First of all, the stakes are raised. We are holding three contests. The winner from each contest will receive a FREE apple iPad from

» Snipsly Contest Terms and Conditions

No purchase or payment necessary to enter or win. A purchase will not improve your chances of winning. Contest Description Win an iPad contest. Three contests will be held. The contest period begins at 12:00 A.M. (CT) on June 21, 2010, and ends at a date that Snipsly will determine. Prizes will be awarded to Read More… »

» Title test 3

This is a test to see how wordpress handles title changes.

» Watch the Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

The Dallas Cowboys are looking to extend a 9-5 season with another win against the Washington Redskins. The game will start tonight 12/27 at 8:20 ET with kickoff at the FedEx Field. If the Cowboys can secure another win they will be looking to the playoffs in an attempt to salvage their season. A loss from Read More… »

» UPS Tracking Numbers

Mailing things can always be frustrating, especially over the holidays. A common solution is to choose UPS over the standard parcel service. This affords some options that you may not have otherwise, like tracking numbers. If you are in a jam for sending or recieving packages over the holidays make sure to use the tracking Read More… »

» Blackberry Outages Continue

Blacberry users continue to face more service issues today as the servers denied email and Internet to the device. This spells yet another blow to RIM as they fight to maintain market share. Today’s outage is the latest of a handfull covering the last two years. If businesses can no longer rely on uptime they Read More… »