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» Criminal Matters Advocate on Ill Treatment With Elderly

According to the UNESCO, the number of the aged(60+) was around 590 million in 2005 and by 2025, the world will have more elderly than youngsters and cross two billion imprint by 2050. The study, led by Help Age India, found that ill treatment with elderly was most noteworthy in Madhya Pradesh where 77 percent Read More… »

» Corporate Lawyer on IPR Issues Between India and the US

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to US, once again the contentious issue of Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) sparked up. The US expressed her concern over the protection and enforcement of IPR in India alluding towards the ‘Special 301′ report. Earlier US had already threatened India to classify under ‘Priority Foreign Country’ from the present status Read More… »

» Recovery Matter Advocate on Bad Loan Problems In India

The growth of Indian economy based on political stability and great inflow of foreign investment influenced the study of rating agency Fitch which conveyed in its global economic outlook report that GDP growth rate in India is expected to increase by 5.6 per cent in the ongoing year and it can further increase, up to Read More… »

» Signs That Indicate Your Child May Be a Victim of Bullying

Bullying can occur through numerous channels (the Internet, text messages, at school, etc.) and kids do not always tell their parents they are being victimized. This is why you need to know how bullying affects your child, what to watch for and how you can help. Statistics According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, Read More… »

» Evaluating A Private Investigator, Know What To Look For

Your Private Investigator Must Be Licensed First, make sure that the private investigator (P.I.) you hire has a valid investigations license. Most states require private investigators to be licensed. You should ask to see a copy of the license. Information Brokers Versus Private Investigators There are companies online that offer investigative services, when in reality Read More… »

» How Secure Is Your Corporate Facility

Do you ever wonder if your business is as secure as it should be? Whether you have a massive corporate structure or you have a small business trying to stand on its own two feet, you owe it to your business to make sure your security needs are covered now and as we enter new Read More… »

» Corporate Security Solutions for Your Business

In today’s volatile and uneasy society, workplace security is no longer something that is easily accomplished by keeping doors locked or handing out access cards to employees. Instead, maintaining a safe workplace requires maintaining a variety of security measures involving high-tech surveillance cameras and 24-hour patrol teams comprised of experienced law enforcement officers. Crimes against Read More… »

» What is Eclipse Public License?

Eclipse Public License (hereinafter EPL) is a type of Open Source Software license and is approved by the Open Source Initiative. The EPL replaces the Common Public License (hereinafter CPL). IBM was the Agreement Steward for the Common Public License. The EPL changes the Agreement Stewart, IBM to the Eclipse Foundation. The license is used Read More… »

» Pre-Employment Screenings – Who Can You Trust?

Pre-employment backgrounds are necessary in many industries today. Once upon a time, background checks were limited to specific industries such as banking and finance or industries that deal with national defense or require security clearance. Today, however, background checks cover so much more than criminal backgrounds. Who Can You Trust to Conduct Pre-Employment Screenings Before Read More… »

» Will I Need a DUI Attorney in San Antonio?

If you live in San Antonio and have been slapped with a DUI or a DWI, you are likely wondering whether or not it is necessary to get a DUI attorney to represent you. The cost of hiring a lawyer to defend you can be upwards of $2,000, and, in some cases, there is nothing Read More… »