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» Strangest possessions of storage units

Storage spaces are used by people to keep their belongings which they cannot stock up in their homes. These spaces are owned by common man and celebrities as well to store their possessions. Have you ever imagined what all could be stored up in these storage spaces. 1.  Granny’s obsession: We all love our grandparents Read More… »

» The 6 Dos of Moving

As someone who recently moved, I realized why a lot of people hate moving so much. After moving, I took some time to think of some things that would make a move that much easier and less stressful. 1) Make a plan As with anything in life having a plan typically makes things go much Read More… »

» A Complete Condo Buying Checklist

The appeal of living in a condominium is undeniable, with all the convenience, security and accessibility that comes with it. Since the first quarter of 2013, there has been a healthy demand for both low- and high-rise condo in Philippines for locals and foreigners alike. With the wide array of choices of Philippine properties including Read More… »

» Are You Ready to Buy a Condo in Playa del Carmen?

buying a condo in Playa del Carmen then you should be absolutely sure that you’re ready for such a big investment: 1) Assess your financial strength: Buying a home is a no small matter. Even before looking for a home or contacting a real estate, you should have a fair bit of idea of what Read More… »

» Perks Of Living In A High Rise Condominium

Condominium buildings have long become a popular option for those looking for an alternative residence aside from the conventional house and lot. Their popularity can be attributed to the numerous benefits of owning and living in a condo unit. Potential condo unit residents may choose from low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise condominium buildings. Although some people Read More… »

» Are You Ready to be a Landlord for a Minnesota Rental?

Are You Ready to be If you have a home in Minnesota and have recently moved, gotten married, or inherited another property, you have two options. You could either sell the property, though that can be difficult depending on the market, or you can rent out the property to tenants and become a landlord.a Landlord Read More… »

» Buying Properties In The Philippines

If you are Filipino living or working overseas, you usually still would want to have a home in the Philippines, whether you are preparing to retire in the country or just have some place to live in when you come home for vacations. Filipinos are well known for being loyal to their country and going Read More… »

» Is Your Overpriced Home Purchasing Making You a Bonded Labour

Purchasing a home is a huge investment. Many people who buy overpriced homes on loans become bonded labour as they suffer almost 20 years (240 months) paying EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalment) for their home loan. During the past few years, urban population is increasing significantly. With the fast increase in urbanization, the demand for homes Read More… »

» Natural, Spiritual and Physical Health Combine In Holistika Homes in Tulum

Is health a factor you consider when you buy your home? Sure, all of us avoid unhealthy factors when choosing our home (nearby smoke, garbage, etc.) but actually to consider how a home can benefit your health in a positive way is not a common practice. One development of homes in Tulum, Mexico has presented Read More… »

» When Choosing Your Region for Mexico Land Investment Consider These Factors

When investing in Mexico real estate, just as in any real estate market, there are many local-level location factors to consider. However, there are also large-scale location factors to consider when choosing the region, which are often unique to each property type. When investing in land in Mexico, the following are factors you will want Read More… »