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» Hosting24 Coupon – How to Reedem Your Discount When Order New Hosting

Hosting24 is a top quality web hosting company, offering shared and reseller hosting packages and domain registration. With this hosting, if you have Hosting24 Review .

» Using Google Trends to Make Money

If you’re serious about making money on Snipsly, you have to focus on high earning topics and keywords. One way to determine topics that could bring you a lot of traffic, and therefore could bring you a lot of cash, is to use Google Trends. What is Google Trends? Keep reading to find out! Google Read More… »

» Using Google Analytics to Help Get Traffic

Snipsly understands the value of using Google Analytics to help get traffic to your posts, and as such, encourages every one of its users to sign up for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a completely free service that Google provides to help writers, bloggers, and website owners understand how to better their site and strengthen Read More… »

» How to Apply AdSense to your Snipsly Account

Linking your AdSense account to your Snipsly account is easy! Just follow these steps. Step 1: Log in to Google AdSense Step 2: Click on the “My Account” Tab. Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see the phrase “AdSense for Content:” followed by a code. Step 4: Log-in to Read More… »

» How to Set Up a Google AdSense Account

Google AdSense is a free program that lets you display Google ads on your post. Snipsly shares 80% of AdSense revenue with its users. This means that every time someone clicks on a Google ad on one of your posts, you receive 80% of the revenue. Follow these easy steps to sign up for Google Read More… »

» How to Register For Snipsly

You’ve found Snipsly, but now what? This step-by step guide includes details and pictures about how to register to use (It’s easy, I promise!)

» How to Backlink

Backlinking can be an effective tool, if you know how to do it properly. If you’re wondering how to backlink, want to learn what backlinks are, or want to know how you can use backlinks to improve seo, you’ve come to the right place. In this article I will explain some of the most basic elements of backlinks.

» Using Keyword Tools for AdSense

The best way to choose keywords for your site is to think about what prospective customers would type in if they were looking for the product, service, or topic you are writing about. There is no foolproof plan as to how you should select keywords to your site, but there are tools that can show you which keywords are most searched and how much competition there is.

» Using Keywords to Help Your Snipsly Posts Get Noticed

The goal of effective keyword usage is to get your posts to rank high on search engine result pages. It is important to choose keywords that relate to your content.

» How to Know What You Should Write About for Snipsly

You may feel unsure of how to know what you should write about for snipsly, but you don’t have to! Check out my go-to guide for more information about what you should (and shouldn’t!) write about when posting on